Reader Feedback Request

Questions for AFJ readers…

Mini-Readings: More?

On the 1-card Mini readings: Lilly made a comment, and I got positive feedback from all the folks who were read. I had fun doing them and am thinking with some tweaks, I might do more of these. Did you guys enjoy them? Have thoughts?


I am planning to put together a newsletter. (I know. Masochistic, huh?) Would love any thoughts on what you’d find interesting or useful in an occasional newsletter. Because I want that to be my epitaph–“Interesting and useful.” I mean, you know. A long time from now.

Beside Everyday Tarot…

Beyond the forecast, are there certain topics you’re especially interested in? Tarot topics or any other branch of the woo-woo tree? Not that I’ll necessarily be able to write about whatever. No promises! But am interested in what y’all are into, so I’m in touch with my people here.

Feel free to comment below or contact me privately if you’d rather.

Thanks for whatever feedback you can offer!


  1. Whelp, I didn’t get my daily ditty Dixie dose email this morning, so came-a-looking at the website for some inspiration. I think that is mostly what interests me — the inspiration I find here. I like the pearls of wisdom, the good reminders, the support for my “spiritual practice.” I like the stories that illustrate ways to choose from a place of power and integrity, the stories that illustrate how to stay well on the path… from practical how to’s, to more general illustrations (and translations) relating to the cards and how to make the best of certain energetic influences.

    I feel like wherever you go, I find exactly what I need there (here). There is always something of value and interest for me. So, actually… I bet whatever interests you and you feel like writing about… is going to be of interest to me!

    • Ooops! I had the time wrong, it didn’t show up this morning. Just posted it. Thanks for pointing it out.

      And thank you for the lovely comments.

  2. LOL, thanks guys. I was buzzing on chocolate covered espresso beans.

  3. What Josi said.


    An awesome idea machine. Yes indeedy, you are, Josi!

  4. I think the mini-readings were/are a wonderful idea!

    Newsletter..heck yeah! I love newsletters! For topics, personally, I’m interested in what you have to say about stones. You are so knowledgeable in this area. Low down on the latest decks available. Your affirmations are great, so you would have to include a know? Card symbolism would be a good one. Pick a certain symbol on the cards and discuss what it represents from your point of view, a historical or mythological point of view.

    good stuff Dixie..good stuff

  5. :lion:

  6. I would LOVE a newsletter!!!!!

    Are you interested in ideas for articles??? There was something mentioned in the past couple weeks about “clearing the fears”. Any tips on how to do that? Is that the same as chakra clearing? (I realized lately that I never had any fears until I had to be responsible for a child. I used to jump into any old lions’ den…)

    And the mini-readings were awesome… and loved the audio also.

    • You’re welcome to suggest ideas for articles, yes. I can’t promise I’ll write on everything that was suggest, but I do appreciate the thoughts. They are helpful to me.

  7. Thanks so much for the feedback and comments, folks, these are very helpful.

  8. ThothReader says

    I love the mini-readings. You have my vote for more of these.

    You really open yourself to learning by putting together a newsletter. Writing is one of the best ways to reinforce information. I would love to see your ideas on different spreads you use or just run across. :sun:

  9. Dixie, I’m cool with any exploration you are up to sharing with us…wide open to the light; go with your gut Lady!

  10. I’d love to hear more of the verbal interps, Dixie. The mini-readings are great. I also love the idea of a newsletter.

    Topics I’m interested in are astro associations that you do.

  11. Dixie – I don’t want you to think I haven’t seen this.

    I think this is all a terrific idea! The readings, the newsletter, Woo-Woo, the whole shebang. Right now, I can’t come up with any ideas, but I’ll chalk that up to the dark of the moon, and get back with you after the New Moon today!

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