Thank you all!

  • Thank you to everyone who attended¬†Woo-Woo Wonderful Show on Spirital Protection with Josi and I yesterday. Your feedback was both heartwarming and insanely encouraging as we figure out what the heck we’re doing!
    The wax has GLITTER!
  • Thank you to my pal Josi for agreeing to DO the show with me, as well as for her kindness, mad organizational skills, list-making prowess and patience during the process.
  • Thank you to my friend Cedar Stevens of Natural Magick Shop, who gifted me a few of her new magic candles; these pretty Good Luck Candles have the glitter! I burned one during the show primere, dressed with¬† “The Fool” oil from Cedar’s shop. (And thanks to my lovely Tarot friend who got the oil for me!)
  • Thank you to all my clients, family and friends for your ongoing words of kindness and support. You make a difference, likely more than you will ever know.

You want to put any thanks out into the Universe?


Shine Thy Light!