To my Daily Email Subscribers: Change!

FYI, I am moving my email services from Feedburner, SO if you see something funny, or if your subscription doesn’t work as expected, please let me know. I was utterly bummed I wasn’t able to get my fonts working in the email newsletter (YET) but it also seemed stupid to put off the transition for a week or two while I went all OCD over it. (See, Tarot? I HAVE been listening. Har!)

And if you get any emails from me you do not still want…


Either hit the unsubscribe link or reply to the email and I’ll do it for you! I get penalized for spam reports and if I get too many, it will hamper my ability to get the daily posts and newsletters to people who do want them. Thanks for your patience!

I am very interested in reports of how it looks and works for you, and mobile users especially since there is so much variation. I can code a web page but man, coding for email is a whole different animal.

How’s it working for you?


  1. It’s awesome, as is the website!

    I LOVE this font!

    • Thank you so much, sofie! It’s ALMOST where I wanted it…

      And if you’re talking about the headline font, it’s named “Great Vibes.” When I saw that, I KNEW it was the perfect font for me.

  2. Dixie, the email looks great!
    Both on my iPhone and on my laptop.
    Great job! I never got the hang of coding for email myself.

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