Where’s Dixie and Today’s Everyday Tarot?

Spirit Psychic Fair Tarot Dixie Vogel

I thought my table looked pretty nice, anyway.

Sorry I didn’t have an Everyday Tarot for you this morning. As you know, I was reading at the Spirit Fair this weekend. I thought I’d written far enough ahead to cover today, but I was wrong. I may have caught it anyway, but last night turned out a little upside down.

My daughter became ill last night and was in great deal of pain, so we ended up spending the night in theĀ  hospital. She’s fine now, sleeping currently. It looks likeĀ  her gall bladder. They’ll do some more tests next week and she’ll decide how she wants to proceed. But I skipped working at the fair today. As we were joking when I went in to pick up my stuff, no telling what I’d have ended up channeling under the circumstances. Ha!

Just thought y’all might be wondering. The fair was pretty quiet yesterday, but I did a few readings and got TONS of compliments on my freshly colored hair. Not quite what I’d planned, but then again, when is life what you’d planned? Nonetheless, I’m very grateful she’s okay.

How are y’all doing?


  1. Thank you all so much for your love and good wishes…much appreciated!

  2. I truly hope your daughter feels better soon, Dixie! Much love and light to her, you, and your whole family!

  3. Best wishes for the little sweetie.

    when Mom is there everything is ok…

  4. It’s good to hear your daughter is improving. Gall bladder trouble is no fun. It’s related to Saturn, Dixie, so maybe there’s something happening there.

    Your table is classy, soothing, and very welcoming. What’s in the little open box? I am in complete covetation of that table cloth! Will you share your resource for that?

    • Thanks for the heads up on Saturn, cj. I’ll check her chart.

      That little box had Angel meditation cards to share. I like having a small gift to share, a little positive energy for the folks who stop by. And I did put my web address on the back, in case they want to come visit with us here.
      This is where I bought the tablecloth: Celtic Cycle of Ages Tapestry. They have some gorgeous designs! The hard part was picking which one I wanted.

  5. I wasn’t around yesterday, but I hope your daughter is on the mend!!

  6. Glad to hear your daughter’s feeling better!

  7. Very glad to know she’s alright! XOXO

  8. Hey Dixie, Trying times…hang in there! Love, me

  9. Hope all gets better quickly for her. I did check for the daily card, but wasn’t surprised there wasn’t one. Today felt like a continuation of yesterday’s card for me anyway since it reappeared in my personal reading. I also figured you were busy with the fair. I’m sorry that you had such an unhappy surprise.

    I agree. Your table looked very sweet and welcoming. I smiled the moment I saw the picture you posted.

  10. Oh My Gosh I’m so sorry to hear about your baby girl! I’m sending prayers to y’all and healing vibes.

    I would’ve stopped by the table for a reading because I’m on a Fool’s Journey and your table looks VERY NICE!

    Hope you’re ok momma. ( )

    • Thanks, Cancermom. And I’m glad you would have stopped at my table.

      Got myself a good, long nap. Jewels even slept next to me on the bed and didn’t wake me up to feed at dinnertime. That showed extraordinary restraint on her part. :cat:

      • ScorpioMoonGirl says

        I guess she felt the worry and exhaustion coming from you and decided to give you a break temporarily. Good kitty :cat2:

  11. Oh, dear! That certainly was a curve ball. Glad to hear your daughter is doing ok – will send prayers/NRG for her.
    And would LOVE to see your hair – it must be fabulous!

    It’s been an interesting day. But I got a lot done, and even had time for a short nap.
    Waiting on the New Moon!

    P.S. And yes, your table looks pretty! I’d stop and get a reading!

    • Thank you, Kim.

      I actually saw one woman yesterday who was 1. older than me and 2. had MORE hair colors than I did!(Pink, blue, green and purple. All different shades. It was gorgeous!)

      She stopped by my table and I said, “I love your hair!” She countered, “I love YOUR hair! And I HAVE to get a reading from you, obviously.” I’ll bet we were quite the sight. Haha!

  12. ScorpioMoonGirl says

    Oh no, that’s not good! Hope she’ll be fine too and that she’s not in much pain any more! to you both

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