Zodiac Readings Available Again

Zodiac-2014.jpgThe last couple of years, I did a “year ahead” Zodiac forecast around the holidays. My kids have started requesting these every year as well. It’s become an odd part of our holiday tradition here.  I was crazy busy this year and didn’t manage it, but I missed doing them…especially the big overview of the year as a whole they gave me! It was fascinating to see the themes emerge across readings, one of the reasons I enjoy these so much.

So I’d like to make these available again for a while. At this point, we could either look at the rest of the year or perhaps use it to mark another milestone (like a birthday reading, for example). This is a great layout for when you are not sure what to ask about, but would like to get a feel for what’s coming up in your life.

You do NOT need to know your astrology to benefit from a Zodiac reading, but if you are familiar with the functions of the 12 houses, it will probably add another dimension for you. I pull a card for each house and an overview/take-home message for the entire reading. It’s a very simple process – we just go around the wheel!

I recommend looking at at least 6 months to year. Since we’re looking at so many different life areas, using a much shorter time frame tends to exaggerate and overemphasize the messages. (Getting the Tower for an annual reading is a whole lot different than getting the Tower for a daily check-in.) If you have a particularly critical situation, we could focus on understanding all aspects of that single situation. Just be sure to let me know that.

I’m going to offer these for $40 for a short time and if the the feedback is good, I’ll add them to my regular offerings (at $50). Otherwise, you might have to wait until the holidays again. Provided I’m more together this year.

Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot Reading

A Zodiac reading looking at an upcoming period across all different areas of your life, with a card for each astrological house and a brief overview.
  • Holiday Tarot Special - MP3 Audio Reading w/photo of cards looking at the year ahead.
    Price: $50.00
  • Added per requests. ♥
  • If you have any area of life you're especially concerned with, you are welcome to mention that as well. Or not.
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  • $0.00

Be well!

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