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Working Guidelines

Tarot Reading Questions Policy

Questions? Get answers!

  • I believe in free will and self-determination. Your decisions are always your responsibility. My goal is to support you in consciously guiding your own life.
  • Your session is confidential; if you refer others, their sessions are also confidential.
  • I do not inquire about absent third parties outside the context of your personal relationship with the third party.
  • I am not qualified to provide legal, medical, or financial advice. Consider Tarot guidance a supplement to (and not replacement for) qualified professional support.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason. Harassment forfeits your right to confidentiality.

Reserve a session with your payment.


Please expect to pay in advance. Exceptions are extending a session in progress or honoring prior arrangements.

Same-Day Sessions

I do same-day sessions as my schedule allows, but only with those I have worked with before. It’s much easier for me to read through emotional duress when I’m familiar with your vibe. I’ve found a client’s state of mind impacts my work.  Note: I do not generally schedule sessions on Saturdays or on the days of New Moons, Full Moons or Eclipses.


Please contact me as soon as you realize you cannot attend a session so we can reschedule. No-shows are NOT rescheduled or refunded.

Barter & Discounts

I generally do not offer need-based discounts or barter in lieu of payment. Rare exceptions will be listed as “Special Offers” or shared in my newsletter. Thank you for your understanding.


If I find I’m unable to provide an effective consultation for any reason, I will gladly refund payment or reschedule. Refunds are generally not offered for completed sessions.


I can provide recordings from telephone sessions without charge. Please let me know in advance–and remind me at the beginning of the call–if you’d like a recording.

Email Follow-Ups

You’re welcome to ask for clarification on anything I’ve said. For follow-up beyond simple clarification (such ask asking additional questions) please let me know in advance to allow time for a back-and-forth exchange or just purchase additional time with your follow-up questions.


Learn about my philosophy from my Tarot FAQs; review my reading style in live video readings. Feel free to ask questions if you’ve got them. Thanks for your interest in working together. Be well!