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Wherever time, attention or money is spent, it’s an investment. I’m honored so many choose to invest in themselves by working with me. I cannot think of a more gratifying calling–can you?!

Private Sessions

dixie-tarot-fool-150x150Tarot talks to me, but what I do with my folks is SO MUCH MORE than just “a Tarot reading.”  I may take on the role of counselor, coach, healer, cheerleader, preacher, teacher–and on occasion, reality check queen. I do not judge you or your situation. Instead, I focus on identifying potential within current circumstances and honing in on practical action steps to manifest preferred outcomes. While Tarot is a predictive tool, I don’t predict the future nearly as much as I help you harness the power of free will to chart your own future!

I support YOU in learning to listen to you own inner voice, finding clarity to live the happiest, most successful life possible. Find out more about me and my background here.


Paperback or Kindle versionsBased on reader feedback, some of my best daily columns from my first year writing about Tarot are featured in the Everyday Tarot Archives, containing essays for each Tarot card put into the context of daily life. Most (if not all) of these essays are no longer available online, so the book is the only place you can find them. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the cards in a real-world setting. Available in hard copy or electronically in Kindle format. If you don’t own a Kindle, you can still read on one of the free Kindle reading apps.

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chakra-workshopsAs a reader, the demands on my personal energy can be steep. I found myself in need of quick, accessible techniques for managing. I settled on chakra work and came up with some simple, everyday strategies to keep my own energy flowing smoothly. Surprised by the power of these techniques, I decided to share them with you. Check out the free  Root Chakra Excerpt to start experimenting for yourself!

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