Activate Planetary Energy by Choice of Rings

Ran across a series of videos by astrologer Kathy Rose talking about placing rings to align with planetary energies. Here is an introduction. Very interesting stuff! I can’t wait to give this a go…

Where do you wear your rings?

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  1. Right now, I just have a wedding band and engagement ring, on the traditional third finger of the left hand.

  2. I wear my opal on my right middle finger. I have a triplet band on my right thumb. And then my wedding ring on the traditional finger (what’s up with us doing something conventional??) I can’t watch the vid from here, but if I remember correctly thumb is mars and middle is saturn?

  3. SaDiablo says:

    Funny… I just bought two hematite rings yesterday to dampen me picking up on things; I’m wearing them on my middle fingers.

  4. I actually can’t stand to wear jewelry in this period of my life… well, I was never really one for external adornments… but these past few years.. I’ve really taken a disliking to jewelry. Now.. I appreciate it on other people, and find it lovely in it’s way… I don’t put down other people for wearing it. For whatever reason, I just am not having it. Anyway… I like to say… I’m my own best accessory. lol But I did see this video when it first came out… very fascinating.

    • “I’m my own best accessory.” Love that attitude, Beth!

      I do like jewelry myself. But more than anything, I love stuff like this that is so very simple, easy to grasp, and those inclined can immediately apply in their lives, you know?

      • O yeah! I definitely know… Simple is best in my book.. I saw this, and I was like.. “Oh, I almost wish I wore rings so I could try this”

  5. Hmm… interesting… I want to know more!

  6. I drew rings with color markers on the appropriate fingers No-cost rings!

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