May 2

Incoming Astro – Full Moon in Scorpio


Folks, I think this full moon in Scorpio is going to pack a punch. My astrologer friends seem to agree, so I pulled a few cards for guidance on managing the energy around it.

I usually like Scorpio moons, whether it’s a full moon in Scorpio, new moon in Scorpio, or an everyday ol’ moon in Scorpio. It’s sympatico with my energy. But this one…oy.

In short, it appears the full moon in Scorpio is going to be either an intense emotional or intense intellectual experience (thanks to Mercury’s intervention here)–wonder how much we get to choose?–maybe a “letting go” (voluntary or not), and a strong, potentially ill-timed compulsion to act. Happy, happy, joy, huh?

I think, “Deep breath” is a good mantra. I’m voting, clear head and open heart as the best way through and hence, forward. You know?

As a reminder, I’m still running my Transparent Tarot deal, if you need a quick hit around some Scorpio Moooooooooooon “issues.” Ha!

I was so excited to use the purple moon background for this video, I can’t even tell you. I mean, isn’t it perfect for a full moon in Scorpio?! Har!

Are you feeling the Full Moon in Scorpio vibes coming in?


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  1. I just woke up at 2:30 am with a feeling of dread, and I remembered there was something hinky about this moon. Found your words of wisdom like an answer to a query…

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