Mercury Retrograde Already Fogging it Up

February 23 – March 17, we’re in a Mercury Retrograde. Most people know this is a time when communications go wonky, short trips get delayed, agreements are confused and electronics explode, or some variation. I’m heavy on the Mercury energy so I tend to feel retrogrades about a week out and this one is beginning to steam up.

For this retro period, Mercury will be hanging in the puddle that is Pisces,. Mars is in the neighborhood as well, so there’s a chance you’ll feel a sense of drive or frustration over sorting out the unsortable.

But that’s no reason to get all weirded out. You may not like it much. But it is what it is, man. Life goes on.

To do your best during this time frame, make a point of revisiting or redoing projects underway. Mercury Rx is always a good clean-up and clarification period. And call upon the Pisces superpower of faith and transcendence. This 1-2 approach will let you skip on by a lot of the angst–I’m not going to say ALL of it, mind you–but life flows easier if you swim with the current rather than against.

In general, you can address Virgo problems using Pisces energy and vice versa. Solve muddle with defining and planning, and solve perfectionism with releasing and blurring.

Not sure exactly how it’s going to play out, but I’m thinking it will be an interesting mix at least. Heads up!

You feeling this yet?


  1. ScorpioMoonGirl says

    Mid-Virgo-Pisces MC/IC here… all this muddle “nicely” conjuncting my axis. So, moving to a different apartment during this time probably not such a good idea. Or, at least not signing the rental contract and trying to arrange for my stuff to be moved etc.

  2. Ouch. Virgo-Pisces IC-MC. This should be . . . exciting. *rolls eyes, laughs*

  3. ::thumb up::

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