July 6

Mercury Wreck-trograde!



So far, I’ve got a posts missing the schedule, a dead microwave,  revelation that my van gas gauge reads 1/8 over reality (don’t ask) and now the AC went on the fritz. Tomorrow’s forecast is 97.

How’s your Mercury Wreck going?


Mercury, Mercury Rx

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    1. I feel.your pain!! We have a.small window unit that’s cranking it so we’ll be able to sleep. Oy Merc Rx!! And no that.imp.doesn’t. look.like “you”!!

  1. *Window unit sounded like it was going to give up the ghost. made a lot of noise, but didn’t cool much down,

    * I can’t even explain my head space. Found out mum is still stabbing me in the back. Sister is still jumping on me over any tiny thing, and I just. can’t. take. it.

    * Fax is on the fritz.

    * I have holes in my boots. found that out earlier, walking in the rain.

    * dog scared me, but she seems to be feeling a bit better. I’m barely eating, and existing on tea, hot chocolate and the odd juice.

    I’m trying to push away suicidal thoughts, but damn it – I was hoping to get struck by lightning earlier. It missed me and hit something else.

  2. Worst. M Rx. EVER! Everything primarily to do with my cell phone. Did you know that lines can get crossed with another number? I do now. I can’t send most texts, and if I try to use my phone I can’t. If I make a call then hand the phone to someone else it will go thorough, but not if I don’t. And one major argument that has someone very dear to me not speaking to me, cut ties with me and very hurt, based on a complete misunderstanding and past hurts that have nothing to do with me.
    What the hell did I do to piss Hermes off this badly?!!

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