March 8

Speed of Planet Transits: Quick Reference


Here’s a quick reference for transits. Degrees and times are approximate, but are enough to give a rough idea of how fast various celestial bodies move. Speeds provided are from geocentric perspective. (“Minutes” here are 1/60 of a degree.)

Speed per DayTime in SignTime through Zodiac

Sun's Glyph

1 degree 1 month 1 year

Moon's Glyph

13 1/2 degrees 2 1/4 days 27 – 28 days

Mercury's Glyph

1 degree 1 month 1 year

Venus's Glyph

1 degree 1 month 1 year

Mars's Glyph

1/2 degree 2 months a little under 2 years

Jupiter's Glyph

about 5 minutes
(< 1 degree) 1 year 12 years

Saturn's Glyph

about 2 minutes 2 1/2 years 29 1/2 years

Uranus Glyph

about 1 minute 7 years 84 years

Neptune Glyph

< 1 minute 14 years 165 years

Pluto Glyph

< 1 minute 21 years 248 years

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  1. I am sorry, but Jupiter does not move at 5 degrees per day. That would be 5 times faster than Mercury. I didn’t check the others, but this error really stood out.

    1. Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Jupiter and beyond should have specified minutes, not degrees. Each of them are less than a degree a day, of course, or it would make it round the wheel a year or less. Corrected now!

  2. I would find it easier if you would outline in a way that shows how many days it takes to move a degree per planet (I’m pretty new to this stuff). So for example, instead of pluto < than 1 minute, how many actual days does it take to move a degree? Thanks!

  3. So venus and Mercury can only be 0-2 signs away from each other and mars and 0-3 away from them?? undefineddepending on Retrogrades??

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