Video: Psychic Strengths via Elemental Sympathies in Natal Chart

In this video, Nico explains how the preponderance of elemental energies represented in your chart impacts the way and kind of psychic info you get. He discusses the myths and stereotypes about Water placements being the only psychic-friendly ones. Fascinating!

I have a couple of Air placements, the rest evenly divided between Earth and Water and his descriptions rang quite true for me. This also explains why I hate Yes/No divination questions. I’m very short on fire!

Do you see elemental balances from your chart at work in how you get psychic info?


  1. R.Alexandra says

    I can deflect hexes,yeah!Hopefully I never have to deal with that because I’m not quite sure how

  2. I have no water in my chart at all, I am mostly fire and air with a little bit of earth. I have always wondered how I got my “abilities” since I always thought water was better because of its ability to “flow”. This was very insightful!!!!

  3. This is fascinating (I am about to watch the video). For some reason I grew to like yes/no divination questions. As long as I turned out to be right (lol) I have one personal planet in fire: Venus but in the 12th, a psychic house hmm… No wonder! Give it to me simple ,concrete, yes or no.
    One thing I love about what you do IS your concreteness which I always assumed was the earth in your chart, the details!

    • donnetta says

      How do you determine where you are stronger? I “feel” like I am probably an “earth” sign–but I am new to this and do not know how to figure it out! haha My birth sign is Capricorn. Can you guide me in where to look for the information? Thanks!

    • It makes a ton of sense. I have a tiny bit of fire depending on what you’re counting for this, not much though, but I did relate to his descriptions.

      I’ve always credited my earth for being able to help people feel more grounded and stabilized.

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