“Deeply Accurate”

Aliza writes:"Deeply Accurate" 2

“I had two readings with Dixie back to back and then a third a few weeks later.

Each time she was deeply accurate, the kind that gives you the shivers. She was able to navigate, pinpoint, complex emotions and complex situations with Virgo precision.

Her channel was/is clear. She handed me the truth which was more than mere validation. It was a leap above. And honestly I don’t know how she does it. I just know that she does.

What I also loved and could feel was her genuine caring and support. She told me she was rooting for me. I knew she meant it.

So if you love the cards and are seeking a reader who will tune-in to you and your life, look no further.

I will definitely work with her again.”

Thank you, Aliza!

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  1. I just wanted to state that Dixie is spot on with her readings and the money is well spent…she’s the real deal folks!

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