Free 1-Card Readings (for the Quick)

Latest Update, Friday evening: I’ve accepted all the free, 1-card reading requests I can for now. If you’ve already sent in a question, look for it to be posted in the next couple of days on the blog. Thanks so much everyone who participated!

The sky has been very harsh and I know there are a lot of folks out there struggling. Hell, I’ve had my moments as well! Being SUCH a Virgo, I want to help.

So to that end, I’m offering a limited number of freebie, 1-card Tarot readings as public service. I don’t do these all the time, mainly because my landlord doesn’t accept “good karma” for rent. Ha! But right now, I’m making the time.

Just fill out the form. I’ll do my thing and email you when it’s posted. (Tips are not expected, but greatly appreciated if you are able and find value.) Primarily though, I’m just asking that folks make good use of the energy I’m putting out there, to honor my intention to serve. Fair enough?

Image courtesy burgulgoth.


  1. There it is! Done! :yes:

  2. Dixie! I am watching every single one you post, regardless who it is for, because the wisdom and magic that applies to others can often be applied to me as well. You are doing a great job of these! Special thanks for mine — it will help me make the decision I need to make! Now, where’s your tip jar?

  3. I will get to yours, yes. May be a day or so, though, just FYI.

    VERY cool about the candle! And very cool that you’ve been inspired to start pulling daily cards. I LOVE to hear that! Go, Eric, go!!

  4. Okay, there will be more of posted here tomorrow during the day. If you’re the impatient sort, go dig the videos out of my YouTube.

  5. FYI, if y’all are watching these, I did them on video! Processing and uploading the video now. It takes a minute but I’m hoping you will be pleased and find them helpful. :rose:

  6. Hi Dixie! I gratefully accept your offer. Flip me a card! Thanks in advance — I *know* you will deliver exactly the one I need today! :peace: :rainbow:

  7. P.S. I’ll look to be working on these later today.

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