Selecting Gemstones by Energy

I’ve noticed several people mention they like “pretty rocks” but have no idea how to go about picking them. Here’s my very simple technique for getting a good gemstone for you without knowing thing one about ’em!

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  1. Cool

  2. LOL… I was eating a piece of chocolate as I watched this!

    I got my infinity yesterday and put it under my pillow last night, and had tons of dreams!

    Thank you for this good advice, because I was thinking “more rocks, this is a good thing…”

    btw, my husband is a geologist.

    • Very cool, sofie! You’ll have to let us know how the Infinity works for you as you become acquainted. And very funny your husband is a geologist! Guess he won’t complain about a few rocks laying ’round the house.

  3. Loved the idea of using the hand chakras to pick vegetables. Thank you so much for that idea.

  4. neptunetrinemoon says:

    Great video Dixie!

  5. Check out my new gemstone It was vibrating like crazy in my hand when I picked it up tonight! Labradorite:

  6. Beautiful, Caroline! Does it have a special job to do for you? Or just joining your team?

  7. It’s going to help keep the boundaries on my aura strong and clean

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