Welcome Healing Stone!

Infinite /Infinity Healing GemstoneI was in the bedroom on the phone, complaining to a friend how much I missed my Infinite stone. This piece, I love and he’d been in hiding for MONTHS. Couldn’t find him anywhere, although I looked repeatedly. That happens, I know.

But it made me sad anyway–this is the best healing stone I’ve ever had! I was completely smitten from the minute I saw the picture in an eBay auction. I knew he would be a good match for me.

Well, he must have heard me lamenting the loss. He showed up the next day, on the floor next to a footstool in the bedroom. You know, someplace I’d  looked a few dozen times. Someplace I’d walked by at least a thousand times.

I was so happy to see him!

I’m also thinking, maybe I should be cleaning him regularly. In my research on Infinite, I was getting mixed results on the need for clearing this stone and since it never stopped working for me, didn’t much bother. But considering his vacation…well, maybe I will rethink that. A little moonlight, or sun, or some time with the Selenite should do it. Maybe he just needed a vacation.

I think he still loves me, though–that’s why he came back home!

Do your stones act like this?





  1. WoW, why am I surprised? lol It gets me every time & I LOVE IT!— Where do I start? Let me see…so I’m at work yesterday typing away. I by accident typed FOOL and I naturally laughed at what I did, and thanked my angels for their hilarious humor(my point will resume in a moment),ha! Today, I was curious on recapping what my Infinite stone was all about (simply needed a refresher), googled it, and in the list of results, comes up your website: A FOOL’s Journey. WOAH!—> CONNECTION!
    Now I am a follower of your blog, which is very entertaining, btw.
    Thank you for encouraging to “SHINE YOUR LIGHT!” — I Love you for that!
    Enjoy the F(oo)l Moon tonight! haha!

  2. K.T. Byrd says

    I put all of my chrystals in a box thinking I’d wash them and then set them outside to charge in the sun.. It was a flat…like you see at the maeket with 4 6-packs of soda or beer resting in. It was a lot of chrystals as my collection had been growing for years. I got distracted and sat the box on my kitchen table thinking I’d do it later in the day. Well that turned in to a week…or more and then I realized they were gone. I hadn’t moved them, my cleaning lady barely remembered them being there.. I have searched my house for several years now and they are still not coming out of hiding! When I ask for them I hear …we’re busy right now so we need to stay here for a while…I know they are still here…they say they are here but they aren’t coming out till they are no longer needed where ever it is they have gone.

Shine Thy Light!