Magic in Real Life: As Above, So Below?

“As above, so below” is the oft-repeated Hermetic principle of Correspondence. When I first accepted this idea into my consciousness fully, I have to admit, I felt a little crazy.

We had a water cooler in our utility room. One day, I walked in to water all over the floor—at least a gallon, maybe more! I cleaned up a huge, watery mess, stressed out and upset over whether the cooler was broken or if the remaining water was soon to be on the floor as well.

spilled-waterOdd thing was, after I cleaned it all up and went to examine the cooler, I couldn’t find thing one wrong. Nothing! The bottle was well-seated and not cracked, the cooler seemed to be operating properly and there was no indication of water where it didn’t belong except on the floor. No clues!

Later, I found out a child of someone I love passed, about that same time.

Knowing water represents emotion, it occurred to me the water on the floor was a massive spilling of emotion. I never found a “rational” explanation for the water, but since, then, I’ve paid attention. And yes, I’ve seen the connection reappearing—spilled water = spikes in emotion. Often, it’s me although sometimes, it’s someone else in my sphere.

But sometimes the link is so straightforward, it’s just funny. When I worked the last psychic fair, I climbed into my minivan after it was over, utterly exhausted from all the energy I’d expended (but not managed ideally) and tried to start up to go home. The engine light promptly came on and some kind of fizzle came out from under the hood. I eventually drove it home with the light on and later, found out the fuel pump had been blown out of it’s position and the van was leaking gas.

Couldn’t have come up with a better metaphor for how I was feeling. Since then, I’m a believer.

Do you see connections between the inner and outer worlds?


  1. CancerMom says

    Gosh Dixie, I wonder where all my emotional energy is going & making a mess of things? LOL

  2. CancerMom says

    I just typed a too long post so if it shows up later please delete.

    I have TONS of repairs regarding water in our house & they keep coming
    – water & sprinkler system, pool pump, dishwasher, daughter’s shower, ice machine broke last week & this morning I stepped in a puddle of water because the water dispenser in the fridge door is LEAKING!


    • I would totally look at where your emotional energy is going, what’s overwhelming you and “making a mess” of everything.

  3. Dixie – I’m astounded by the water and the car fizzles. WHOA. I need to think about this for awhile.

    Keep the Woo Woo coming por favor?! I LOVE it!!!

  4. Wow. That was an amazing story, Dixie. I see connections between inner and outer worlds or what I’d call a different plane of consciousness than this one. I have a story I’ll share at the appropriate moment, and even though this one seems like a perfect opportunity, my Scorpio is relishing keeping the memory of it myself at the moment. The water on the floor just amazes me, but doesn’t surprise me that it happened, if that makes any sense.

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