Reading for Other Professional Readers

professional tarot readersI was chatting with another lady working at the psychic fair. We were talking about the “first fair experience.” It had made her nervous when other readers came to her for a reading. She could see who had abilities when they walked up, and at first it gave her performance anxiety.

“So I just decided not to pay any attention, none at all, and just do my thing,” she said. I thought it a sound conclusion.

I knew what she was talking about, though. I’ve gotten nervous, reading for people I know do readings professionally–and especially other card readers. I guess you always wonder about being “good enough” or something. It’s like you have to be better at it than they are, in order to justify your work.

Of course, that’s silly. Everybody brings something different to the table, because individual strengths are as unique as an individual Fool’s Journey. A lilac bush isn’t required to smell better than the roses to justify it’s place in the garden.

Not to mention, anybody who’s ever tried to read for themselves knows it’s far easier said than done. Emotional turmoil disrupts your radar something fierce, and even if you manage to get a good read, you wonder if it’s wishes or fears talking. It can be very hard to sort out.

Of course, the other thing about working in this business–many of your clients will have skills, sometimes well-developed. Those drawn to get readings are often the ones most capable of tuning in themselves. It’s the nature of the business.

I’ve reconciled this in my own head by always asking (and expecting) those coming to work with me are the ones most able to benefit. Then I don’t have to bother with the details. In every reading, I ask for information that’s accurate, helpful, and in the highest good of all concerned. It doesn’t matter how many avenues one has to get the info–only that it makes its way where it needs to go. I’m honored when I’m able to serve in that capacity, whome/dixiblog/domains/ it’s for.

Does reading for other readers make you nervous?

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Pendulum Video Demonstration

Here’s a video demonstration of how I use my pendulum to get simple answers (Yes, No, Sometimes, Undetermined). Pendulums do have different ways of indicating answers for different people, so work with yours until you feel confident of understanding it’s responses.

You can also dangle pendulums over maps or calendars to decide between locations or dates or whatever you fancy–just watch for where the pendulum starts to swing like crazy and that’s where you want to follow up.

While Quartz is probably most common, pendulums are made from variety of lovely gemstones. This one is Lapis Lazuli and I’m really loving it. Even though I often like to select gemstones in person, I have had good luck buying them online as well. I got this pendulum from a very nice witch in Texas.

Do you use a pendulum? Tell us about it!

Selecting Gemstones by Energy

I’ve noticed several people mention they like “pretty rocks” but have no idea how to go about picking them. Here’s my very simple technique for getting a good gemstone for you without knowing thing one about ’em!

Fool’s Journey and Personal Truths

Search for Personal Truth

Nobody else has my answers. Or yours.

The exchange with SaDiablo over here got me thinking.

I’ve always had trouble with the holier-than-thou “this is the one true way” proclamations, regardless of the mouth from which they emerge. That’s part of what got my ass out of organized religion–and part of what makes me cringe with some new age replacements. Truth doesn’t become so because it’s said with great authority by someone wearing long robes or standing on a remote mountaintop. Stage presence is nice, but doesn’t change the quality of the message.

It’s not real, capital-T Truth for me until it hits my heart and resonates. Authoritative tones don’t make that happen. It’s a very personal experience, a knowing in my heart, an internal click or an “aha”moment, that makes it my truth. Before, it may have been many people’s truth, but it wasn’t mine. Borrowing another’s truth isn’t very satisfying.

As such, my truth can (and has) changed over the years. Otherwise, I’ve limited capacity to create and grow. If you don’t remain humble, truth can’t find it’s way  up that ivory tower where you’re holing up. Arrogance makes good blinders.

I had a hard time when I sat down to write the About section for this site. Would saying I have no clue where I’m going hurt the business viability here? I mean, I have to consider this stuff. Good intention doesn’t pay rent. I could be perceived as awfully simple sitting next to someone claiming to have all the answers wrapped up in a neat little packages (and available right now for $49.95).

But really, it doesn’t matter. If I can’t do it in a way that’s real and valid and in keeping with my truth, it’s not worth pursing. I AM a Foool on a Fool’s Journey, and I know others are, too. Like all Fool’s Journeys, it’s intensely personal to me. But maybe us seekers can share little stops and pointers on this journey together. That’s what I’m looking for and what I want to give to you. Some seeker companionship.

What do you notice about your truth?

Softening the Sharp Edges with Rose Quartz Love Vibes!

rose-quartz-gemstone-metaphyscial-propertiesRose Quartz is a form of Quartz crystal with a pinkish hue, sometimes very softly colored or sometimes, a deeper pink, and it’s a staple of any gemstone collection. The stone is usually translucent, some even transparent. I have always preferred the softer pink colors, so those are the ones I can speak to from personal experience.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love, associated with the Heart Chakra. It has a very soothing and gentle energy. I’m most likely to grab for  Rose Quartz when I’m sad, mad, lonely or feeling unloved somehow.

Going through a very difficult period with a family member once (read: constantly pissed), I used this stone a LOT. I especially liked the rough-cut then, turning it over and over in my hand until the difficult feelings passed. The sharper edges suited my mood while the stone’s energy had a chance to sink in. I  churned that stone so much, I was actually surprised it didn’t wear smooth! I still reach for it when I want to soften a sharp mood.

I also have a lamp on my Tarot desk. I turn it on for readings, and will sometimes lay my hands on it for a minute when I need a quick “love charge” or I’m sending some love energy out into the energy sea for any reason.

Before my daughter moved off, I gave her a little Rose Quartz heart I’d held, focusing on channeling my love and support for her into the stone. I wanted her to have something from me to call on even when I was far away, and to help with missing mom. I knew I was going to be missing her!

Rose Quartz is a good choice for dealing with breakups, melancholy, or missing someone as well as anger. It’s also great for agitation and emotional turmoil of any kind. Basically, any disturbance of the heart (including physical heart issues) is a good candidate for some Rose Quartz energy. It’s healing though love.

How do you like your Rose Quartz?

Jewels the Psychic Cat!

Jewels the Tarot Kitty!

Jewels understands me better than many people.

I like saying I was a cat in a former life. When I first started saying this, it was mostly just my Leo rising, joking. But after talking for years to Jewels, I’m not kidding quite so much anymore.

When I had an intuitive portrait done at a psychic fair, the first thing out of the artist’s mouth was, “You’re surrounded by cats!” I had to laugh–I had five of ’em at the time! There’s no denying my affinity with felines. And it’s easy to see with Jewels, since we’re close.

I’ve long said this kitty is psychic. It’s the most reasonable explanation. She KNOWS when I’m having a bad day and gives me extra attention, even in uncharacteristic ways. She’s incredibly smart. She hides when something she doesn’t like is coming up (without any indication of what’s coming) and is exceptionally vocal, carrying on full conversations with me.

Technically, I (generally) speak in English and she responds in Cat. But we do understand each other perfectly. I’m taking this as evidence!

Have you ever known a psychic animal?