Messages for Me in Other People’s Cards

Spiritual Messages can come from anywhere...

The message matters more than the source.

Sometimes, it’s just remarkable how much information there is for me, in someone else’s cards. Now, I’ve seen it suggested such phenomena is due to projection, poor boundaries, lack of focus or some type of failing on the part of the reader. But I don’t buy that for a minute!

  • People are drawn to others with similar or complimentary energetic vibrations.
  • Spiritual messages can come from any source.
  • Readings for others allow us to step back from ourselves, offering clarity otherwise unavailable.
  • We DO heal ourselves via healing energy directed at others. Love, light and goodwill heightens your own vibration as well as a target’s.

Besides–look at what you’re doing when you sit down to read for someone. I get quiet, get grounded, and clear my head. I pray for guidance and insight “in the highest good of all concerned.” While I’m thinking of the questioner in the asking, if I’m doing the reading, I am a concerned party!

In short, this happens to me frequently and I do not consider it a failing. I consider it a two-for-one special on spiritual wisdom. So thank you, Source! I appreciate your generosity.

What do you think about readers finding messages for themselves in readings?


  1. Bless your heart Dixie. You know, that universe, it has a pretty good setup most days.

    Thanks Dixie!

  2. Yes, I definitely see this happening for myself!

  3. Jennifer Hillman says

    I get it all the time. That like attract like deal often happens as well as the mirroring effect for learning. It is wonderful training to really listen while I am delivering a message to another. Helpful insights that ground me into this reality while helping others do the same. Good stuff.

  4. Two years ago I was failing algebra so I went to my instructor and asked if I could be a tutor. He laughed and said, you are barely passing, I know the only way to learn it is to do it over and over and over and if I get while working it through with another who is struggling well then we both will get it. A teacher can only teach when he himself is hungry for knowledge.

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