February 11

Why can’t you tell me what I want to know?


Sometimes, you have a burning question and I WANT to answer it, but cannot. Why?

Short answer: A combination of intent for the reading and the cooperation of the reader’s “people” (or yours) may keep certain information from coming through in a session. What we want to know isn’t always in perfect alignment with our current life lessons and trek.

Do you find this to be the case?


Professional Readers, Tarot Ethics

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes we’re just not supposed to know things. It can be because there’s something we need to learn, or maybe it’s just not in everyone’s highest good to know.
    There are also times when I feel I’m being ‘protected’ myself from seeing everything that’s related to the situation. I literally feel a wall around me at those times.
    Great video, Dixie! (And great pose too ;-))

    1. I always have to check my gesture range, you know. Ha!

      This was on my mind because I just had it come up. One of my folks wanted some info, nothing wrong with her question at all, but as I got into it, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to answer it directly for her, there was a process she needed to have surrounding it…

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