Weekly Tarot, 6/10/13: Uh Oh! aka Death

What are you gonna do? I get the cards I get, man.

Short answer: Looks to be an intense week. It may be more global than personal–I can’t say for sure how it will hit you. But know that whatever it is, it needs to happen and all that needs to happen clears the way for the future. It could be cold comfort I’ll grant you, but cold comfort is better than none. ┬áScorpio energy (associated with the Death card) demands nothing less than surrender, willing or not.

If you’re too bummed, go back and review my coping skills video. ‘Cause that’s why I made it!

Gosh. I’m almost afraid to ask…but are you feeling this?


  1. FYI, Facebook comment pointed out one of my readers gets this card for Sex. I hope that’s how it plays for you!

    And in case anybody wonders, I made this video 5/30/13. I do these ahead.

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