8 Swords Rx / 9 Cups: Self-Satisfied

“You’ve got to love people as they are, or you don’t really love them,” I heard myself say. “You might not love everything they do, but it doesn’t matter. It can’t be conditional.”

I immediately realized this holds for looking in the mirror, too. Being at peace with yourself is at the heart of being at peace with the rest of the world.

Next Week In Tarot

The week is represented by the reversed Eight of Swords. Advice is showing up as the Nine of Cups. These are from the Radiant Rider-Waite deck.

Anybody who’s worked with me any length of time will know, I just love-love-love to get the Eight of Swords reversed. Upright, she’s often frustrated me. (I hate hearing, “Look in the mirror, woman.”) But reversed, there’s chance for quick escape and the destination isn’t all that far off.

Escape here means that feeling of being unable to move, not in control, uncertain. That’s dissipating. Mercury’s fixing to go direct and the sense of progress is becoming more accessible.¬†As far as what to do to claim your progress ticket, you’ll be in good position to sniff it out, one little bitty step at a time. Take a deep breath and tune in to your heart for guidance.

The Nine of Cups dude always looks to make the best of where he is, at the given moment. That’s your advice, too. He has literally lined up his blessings behind him. Does he look like he cares what you think? Or you think he’s worried about being good enough?

Life’s not about where you are not. So being as okay as possible with now matters. How you feel isn’t the culmination of objective circumstances. It’s the culmination of what meaning you give them. Therein lies both our choice and power.

Want some help re-orienting? Give me a holler.

Shine Thy Light!