Creative Whack: Believe in Yourself, Sparky.

Years ago, a friend of mine gave me a Creative Whack Pack, a non-traditional divination deck. It’s designed to help you access your inner creative genius!

Short version: Many limitations on accomplishments are not situationally-based, but perception based. Most importantly, if YOU don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.

Do you find this to be true?


  1. What great deck and a message I needed to hear today. And Shannon, you are sooo creative. Don’t let anyone tell you any different!

  2. So true! Plus, there are always some people that are going to tell you you’re not great at [ fill in whatever here ]. Believing in yourself makes you rise above that. I always pretend it goes in one ear and out the other (I literally picture that) and it helps.
    As long as I believe in myself I’m okay.

  3. What I didn’t say: been getting a lot of “you aren’t a creative type” lately at school. BLARGH! It’s dragging me down, and I’m gonna remember this tomorrow when I hear it again.



    • Seriously? WTF, that is SO not consistent with my experience of your energy, my dear! I mean, okay, if one has the Saturn, they want to learn the rules (and the whys of the rules) before riffing outside the box. Which to me is pretty damn smart, but what do I know?


      Incidentally, you’ll be seeing some more from this deck.

  4. OK I love the name of this deck. And I like the pull, thank you!

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