Video: What’s in a Name?

The words we use matter.

Short version: Sometimes a complete change in perspective is as simple as a change of vocabulary.

Can you think of a time changing the words you use changed your experience?

  • Josi says:

    I love this one too. Especially since “name” is a thing I’m really thinking about recently!

  • Shannon says:

    I love the whack cards. *chuckle* This is tangential, but “must” and “can’t” went the way of the west winds some time ago. It’s amazing how much better I felt about things when I realized I had the power of choice.

    After this thing with the guy in my class, I went to the registrar and asked to be moved to a different class, before I gave any reasons. Someone said to me “it’s not fair that he caused the problem but you had to be moved.”

    Nope. I chose to move. I made a decision, and picked a course of action, and took it.

    There’s a model at the Griffith Observatory that mimics stars in space with tiny lights of varying size and frequency. You can walk all around it, but only when you look at it from one particular side with your head at one particular angle will you realize you’re looking at the big dipper and its surrounding stars.

    Perspective is everything, no? Words form thoughts, and thoughts shape our reality. Love this one!

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