June 24

Would Mom approve?


photo credit  hobvias sudoneighm
photo credit hobvias sudoneighm

“What do you think?” was the question, asked maybe the dozenth time.  I lost track.

“Does it matter? Would it change anything?”

A lot of times when that question is asked, it doesn’t matter and it wouldn’t change anything. So why do we ask it?

On my radar: approval issues.  As in who wants approval, who needs it, and what we’re willing to do to secure it.

I saw this as general topic emerging via themes of those year-end Zodiac spreads last year, and figured the Aries/Libra axis eclipses may be coming into play, among other astrological events.

Maybe it’s all this Cancer energy: the grand collective has mommy issues!

“How is she REALLY doing? Did we offend him? Are you having trouble with your weight again? I don’t like the way she talks to her mother. This isn’t mine–it’s for my grandson.”

Every freakin’ which way it goes, I am seeing the world just swimming in who approves of whom and it’s knife-wielding cousin, who doesn’t approve of whom. Even me, the new aged, pink-haired hippie chick, is not immune. Even when it’s not important or informed or meaningful approval. It still IS.

The Universe sure has a way of driving home a point, doesn’t it?

Everybody wants to make Mom proud, you know? More or less. But sometimes, Mom is nuts. Sometimes, Mom just has different ideas than you. Sometimes, Mom means well but doesn’t have a clue.

And sometimes–like if I’m your mom–Mom is AWESOME but she tries to stay the Hell out of your business. I have to do what I think is right, best I can. And if I cannot manage somebody else’s differing opinion, I’m in trouble! Even if it’s my mother. And if I need somebody else’s opinion to appease me, to reassure me I’m doing right, I’m in trouble.

Reminds me of this week’s Tarot Flow forecast: the energy to avoid for Monday was the Empress. Ironic, considering that Cancer New Moon coming up.

Maybe that new moon is an opportunity, to think about how we mother. Who do you mother, and how? (And I don’t care about biological equipment; we all “mother” somehow.) Who do you look to mother you? Are they good at it?

I have more questions than answers today. But that’s okay. It means I’m thinking things through.

Also? I don’t need anybody’s approval but my own. And I approve of this message. Har!

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  1. I mother my pets, and more recently, didn’t know how to handle sort of being a mother to mum.

    I deal with social anxiety, but also don’t want to be acting in a way to gain the approval of others. There have been people who only had time to criticize me, or make false assumptions – I have no interest in gaining their approval.

  2. I always have Mommy issues. Both with my Mom and as being a Mom. Fun, huh?
    But, yes, I’m seeing this pop up. There is also a lot of judgement and pain swirling around under these Cancer issues too.

  3. I mother my cats and my plants. Oh the guilt! There’s a man that I always ran into at the supermarket. He always scans my body with his eyes, but he also says hi to me. I don’t return his greetings ever, I don’t like his vibe. The other day he tried to give me the guilt trip in front of another man for not getting back. It was in my head for a while. Maybe I am too paranoid? Maybe I’m overreacting? Maybe I’m rude? No. I don’t need this guilt. I don’t like men doing this and I’m not going to apologize or explain myself.

    1. Anhelo, I am always VERY cautious about people who try to guilt trip me. Especially people I owe nothing to, you know? And I have a firm rule, NEVER to disregard my gut, that I do not need to justify it. It’s not steered me wrong. I’m glad you found some peace with that.

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