Shipping your Dirty Clothes?

I was chatting with a friend. She and her family are coming back from a long vacation; because of the airline’s high fees for extra baggage, they are shipping their dirty laundry back UPS. I found this amusing.

I joked about shipping my emotional dirty laundry via UPS. Except, of course, it would end up back home.

“That’s funny,” she says. “Nothing like getting excited when the UPS guy delivers a big box, forgetting you shipped home dirty clothes.” I wondered just a second if she were speaking from experience.

It got me thinking. Most of the time, we don’t want to deal with our own “dirty laundry.” We may box it up and ignore it or better yet, ship it off someplace else. The parents, the ex, the boss, society are all candidates! Whomever, whatever we blame for what we don’t like about ourselves, that’s who we may try to push it off on.

We want to forget all about it!

But you know what? It always comes back home. It’s not a nice surprise if you have managed to forget. And if you have sent it halfway around the world a few times before accepting the package, I’m thinking it may be a little mildewy. Better to address it more directly. Less nastiness that way.

I’ll ‘fess up. I’ve tried to offload my own dirty laundry on occasion. I am as human as anybody else. But it always, always comes home. And I do find the quicker I accept the mess as my own and deal, the easier it is to get clean. Smells better, too.

Do you find this to be true?


  1. The thing with dirty laundry is when you think you’re finally all caught up and done… there’s more! :laugh:

  2. CancerMom says

    I feel famous & yes I was speaking from experience. It wasn’t all dirty clothes though, some of it was the cute little bottle of shampoo & bath gel too-LOL!

    Great post about emotional or physical dirty laundry, in the end it’s our responsibility to deal with. I’m looking for a really good “memory” spot remover. Any good ideas- :laugh: !!

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