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Magician and King of Pents: Magical Words vs. Practical Actions

I heard from someone recently whom I've not talked with in a very, very long time. It was just a little surreal, if you want to know the truth. The words and ideas were incredibly familiar. Deja Vu. I understood the points of reference, because ... [Manifest the Rest]

Ace of Swords & Five of Pents: Kaleidoscopes & My Religion

I've been feeling more at peace lately. Not 100% of the time naturally--I'm not freakin' Jesus. But I've been gradually feeling much more centered, much more of the time. I'm really glad! My buddy Josi likened my process to shaking a kaleidoscope ... [Manifest the Rest]

Two of Wands: Finding Your Touchstones

I've been on the lookout for little reminders of late. Signs, if you're inclined to call them such. Personally, though, I think of them as touchstones. My touchstones are those little reminders of who I am, what is real and what really ... [Manifest the Rest]

Five of Swords: When You Don’t Get It

"I just don't get it." That's a phrase I've been saying a lot lately. I suspect I'm not alone. Instead of succumbing to the urge to fight whatever "it" I just don't get, I'm taking a little detour. I'm seeking a better understanding of whatever ... [Manifest the Rest]

Five of Pents Rx: What’s Real?

Pretty much every week, I tell myself I'm not going to keep saying what a crazy time this is. But Holy Hell, it's a crazy time... I'm really worn out by the environment right now, which strikes me as an incessant listing of all that we're ... [Manifest the Rest]

Justice: Just Live It

I've noticed a rather infuriating phenomena: when I get an all-but-overwhelming urge to set somebody straight, if I step back and take a deep breath, I realize that doing so would generally make me guilty of exactly whatever I'm fired up to ... [Manifest the Rest]