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Everyday Tarot, 5/4/11: Feeling Disconnected / Inverted 2 of Cups

I don't call myself an astrologer, but I am a sky-watcher. That new moon? Hit my 10th house; all this Taurus stuff coming up is dancing around my the top of the my chart. So we're talking public persona and reputation. That's why I watch the sky. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Mini-Meditation: Green Tree Path

Breathe….breathe. Deep breath in….and out. In…and out. Envision yourself, sitting on a bench in a  park, looking down a beautiful line of trees. Inhaling the fresh air deep into your belly, and smelling the freshly cut grass. Exhaling slowly out, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Everyday Tarot, 5/03/11: Not Quite at Home

Over the last five years or so, my conception of who is my "family" has shifted significantly, albeit unconsciously. It still is in flux and probably always will be, truth be told. I never planned to redefine "family" every other Christmas! More ... [Manifest the Rest]

Everyday Tarot, 5/2/11: Smashed Plates and the Reversed 2 of Pentacles

I am a secret (?) perfectionist, although I don't consider myself a control freak. That sounds contradictory, but I've learned to aim my mega-Virgo "this is how it HAS to be" vibe at myself most often. I have no Cardinal  to speak of, so no drive to ... [Manifest the Rest]

Everyday Tarot, 5/01/11: Fresh Out of Perfect!

Jesus Christ. I mean, really! Just...Jesus Christ. Okay. Okay. I absolutely KNOW not to kvetch and moan about what the cards have to say, because every time I do, I pay for it without exception. But still...I was excited, to draw the first card ... [Manifest the Rest]

What about the Daily Tarot?

I've had a number of folks ask about the daily Tarot column from, as today's was my last. I've been very, very touched by the kind comments and emails. Thank you! I love Elsa and the crew that frequents the place, so realizing it was ... [Manifest the Rest]

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