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King of Swords: Finding Those Greener Pastures

Some days, it's very hard to stay positive. I'm about as Pollyanna as anybody you'll ever meet, when it comes to looking for elements of any situation to appreciate. I'm frequently preaching the case to focus on what you love to make what you love ... [Manifest the Rest]

Three of Wands: Journey to the True You

People think they'll be happier when circumstances get better. Whatever "circumstances" bothering them at the time. Really, it's the other way around. Get happier, and watch those circumstances improve. I'll understand if you wanna slap me for ... [Manifest the Rest]

King of Swords: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Besides my life here in the woo, I am also a low carb blogger who has been blessed with a growing audience. So people sometimes ask me for advice. But people will think I'm nuts if I tell them the truth. See, they always ask process questions. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Eight of Swords: Blooms of the Moment

I'm doing my best to take responsibility for my own sense of well-being. This practice is centered around a pretty hard-for-me-to-argue idea. That's certainly been my experience, anywho. Obviously, I am not gonna love everything and everybody, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Knight of Wands: Who do you want to be?

I noticed myself not taking my own advice today. I hate that. I hate noticing, I mean. I'm sure, I ignore my own advice all the time. There are times you manage being the person you aspire to be, and times you don't. This is the human ... [Manifest the Rest]

The Devil (and What Choice Has to Do With It)

Ever struggle with a choice? And we think, this way or that? As if that tiny moment in time makes all the difference. It makes no difference at all! None at all. Any choice we make could work out just fine. Or any choice we make could blow up. ... [Manifest the Rest]

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