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Fool and the Blackbird

This song has been looping in my head for the last several days It's loudest when I first wake up but hits me throughout the day. "Take these broken wings and learn to fly. All ... [Manifest the Rest]

Strength: All in Your Head

Many associate strength with might--numbers, stature, ability to enforce. I know, that's how the word is commonly used. But I don't think of strength that way at all. I consider the trait of strength to be personal, individual. So it couldn't ... [Manifest the Rest]

Three of Swords: Step Back

Stepping back and letting go--emotional detachment--looks to be a saving grace in the coming week. Because, ouch. This is the Three of Swords (aka the "heartbreak card," associated with Saturn in Libra). Applying this message to the world at ... [Manifest the Rest]

Reversed Two of Wands: Forward, Not Against

Lots of...pregnant, charged energy out in the wild right now. It's a dynamic time. Shifts and change are underway, everywhere you look. There are two general approaches to impacting change: warring against what you don't want, or embodying what ... [Manifest the Rest]

Three of Pentacles: Rung by Rung

I've called a permanent moratorium on all self-criticism. Some would consider that folly. I don't. What we consider mistakes and mis-turns and those experiences that we didn't intentionally set out to take? They shape us in ways we couldn't easily ... [Manifest the Rest]

Queen of Swords Reversed: Be a Chill Cat

I was contemplating a hawk feather I found, a while back. A redtail gifted me perfect feather, maybe a foot long? I literally gasped when I saw it. Hawks fly high and have keen eyesight. The combination confers perspective. They see from a ... [Manifest the Rest]

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