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Devil Reversed: Make Your Escape!

Opportunities for escape can come in all different forms. Sometimes, the packaging isn't so pretty. A relationship wasn't working or a job goes away. Sometimes, it's a lot more pleasant. You know you're moving on (and up). But whatever the ... [Manifest the Rest]

Page of Cups: Easy Does It!

Things fall apart for a reason: it's required to make way for something new. Many, many times, a big ol' breakdown is the easiest path to clearing the way for that new. And sometimes when it looks like something is falling apart? That's only an ... [Manifest the Rest]

Six of Wands: Winning? If You Know What to Look For

A big-hearted buddy was explaining why she's started paying attention to things related to how the stuff she buys is made--specifically what the experience is like for the people making it. She wasn't trying to recruit converts or throw shade on ... [Manifest the Rest]

Ten of Pentacles Rx: Mind Your Own Affairs

I was hanging out with a friend recently. She was talking about catching some grief for befriending folks who live to a different standard than she (and the other person) follows. The specific differences we're talking are irrelevant, really.  It ... [Manifest the Rest]

3 of Wands: Personal Choices

I've made a whole lot of moves over the years that 1. "sensible" people would consider a bad idea or at the very least, iffy, and 2. I couldn't clearly see the outcome at the start. Doing these things anyway has altered the course of my life. I've ... [Manifest the Rest]

Be the Tree

Tree by Rob Hooper

One of the nice thing about doing readings on the regular is a consistent awareness of energy shifting in the collective. This comes naturally to all of us to some degree, but there's nothing like that clue-by-four to the head when you find yourself ... [Manifest the Rest]