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Everyday Tarot, 05/25/11: Emotional Radar for New Solutions / 4 of Cups

One of the best compasses I've ever found for how I'm managing is emotion. It's like reading the energy in the room—if I feel jarred and uncomfortable, reacting out of proportion to stimuli, I know something could stand shoring up. One the other ... [Manifest the Rest]

Woo-Woo, Out of the Closet?

Talking to a friend about Facebook and the complications of mixing professional identities. "I'm sure my web people thought I had taken leave of my senses, when I started posting a steady stream of Tarot and astrology stuff! I went from posting ... [Manifest the Rest]

Everyday Tarot, 05/24/11: Want vs. Need /Inverted 3 of Wands

Life has a way of turning things upside down in ways we could never have imagined, left to our own devices. Why, just a month ago, I would never have guessed I'd be over here at A Fool's Journey, working on making this place a real ... [Manifest the Rest]

Secret Life of Gemstones

I saw somebody mention in a discussion recently how their crystals and gemstones love to disappear and reappear. I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear somebody else say that! Mine do so with alarming regularity. And it's not just me being ... [Manifest the Rest]

Everyday Tarot, 05/23/11: Near the Deeper Truth / Inverted Hermit

Emotional knowing comes very differently for me than intellectual knowing. Sometimes it's a nudge, sometimes a whap, but it sweeps through like a hot flash, near instantaneous. A visceral experience, but seems to work in conjunction with my Gemini ... [Manifest the Rest]

Tarot in Real Life: Seeing What’s Really There

Shortly after writing about believing what you want to, I was texting my daughter. I told her I was going to stop sending her Tarot decks. I've sent her a couple along with crystals and other, new-agey stuff. Except, well, it's been more for me than ... [Manifest the Rest]