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“Shone a Light”

JD writes: If you are thinking of getting a tarot reading from Dixie, quit waffling and sign up; she can zero right in to the heart of the matter. Dixie’s reading shone a light on my present circumstances and reassured me that my methods of coping ... [Manifest the Rest]

“Deadly Accurate and Immensely Helpful”

JB writes: I recently had my first reading with Dixie and was absolutely amazed. Not only was the reading deadly accurate and immensely helpful, but her warmth flowed just as freely as it does on her blog posts.  Plus, the amount of information, ... [Manifest the Rest]

“Balance of Compassion and Pragmatism”

AM writes: "I'm just incredibly amazed.  With this reading, I felt as though someone who knows me and the details of my situation down to the letter sat me down and said, 'Let's sort this out and create a plan so you can move forward and feel really ... [Manifest the Rest]


J writes: Dixie is extremely gifted with the Tarot! I am flabbergasted at how accurate her reading was for me, my sister, and a friend. If you have a burning question and you're stuck, I highly recommend her to help you unfurl your issue. She's ... [Manifest the Rest]

“She nailed it”

Kristine writes:  I let her know the issue that was confounding me and she nailed it directly, right down to the inter-personal dynamics.  I was astonished, and blessed!  I am so very grateful for the guidance I was given, Dixie! I am already seeing ... [Manifest the Rest]

Client Comments

These comments are taken verbatim from client emails in response to my earliest professional Tarot work, used with permission. My God you are absolutely amazing, everything you said in your reading was absolutely true…I don’t know how you got all ... [Manifest the Rest]

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