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Zodiac Rulerships Quick Reference

Quick reference table for Zodiac signs, showing which house each Zodiac sign rules natural, and the signs planetary ruler. Ancient planetary rulership are noted below glyphs. Zodiac Sign Natural Ruler of House Planetary Ruler 1 - ... [Manifest the Rest]

Speed of Planet Transits: Quick Reference

Here's a quick reference for transits. Degrees and times are approximate, but are enough to give a rough idea of how fast various celestial bodies move. Speeds provided are from geocentric perspective. ("Minutes" here are 1/60 of a degree.) ... [Manifest the Rest]

Reading Tarot at the Kansas City Spirit Fair, February 26 & 27, 2011

Sunday, Feb 26 noon-6pm Saturday, Feb 27 noon-7pmFree General Admission! Best Western Inn & Conf Center 501 Southwest Blvd KCKS 66103 I'll be reading Tarot at the Kansas City Spirit Fair, February 26 and 27, 2011. Since this is my first fair ... [Manifest the Rest]

Effectively Phrasing Tarot Questions

How you phrase your Tarot questions has a big impact on how helpful the answers are. What have you found about phrasing Tarot questions? ... [Manifest the Rest]

The Devil is Not So Bad

Next to Death, the Devil is the probably the most feared card in the Tarot deck. Here are some quick tips on working with the Devil's energy, using it's astrological association, Capricorn, to suggest the best approach. What do you think when you ... [Manifest the Rest]

Essential Oils Introduction

YouTube sprite CharmingPixieFlora explains the basics of essential oils, including definitions, where essential oils come from and how they work. Simple suggestions for getting started. What do you think? ... [Manifest the Rest]

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