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Softening the Sharp Edges with Rose Quartz Love Vibes!

Rose Quartz is a form of Quartz crystal with a pinkish hue, sometimes very softly colored or sometimes, a deeper pink, and it's a staple of any gemstone collection. The stone is usually translucent, some even transparent. I have always preferred the ... [Manifest the Rest]

Everyday Tarot, 05/16/11: King of Pentacles is my Safety Net

The King of Pentacles or "Prince of the Chariot of Earth" is associated with Fire in Earth. He's a very fatherly sort, and likes to look after and provide for his kingdom.  He tends to their physical needs the way the King of Cups attends to ... [Manifest the Rest]

Everyday Tarot, 05/15/11: Practice What You Preach / Inverted Seven of Swords

"A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was." -Joseph Hall Sometimes, operating under-the-radar or without explicit permission is an excellent idea. Other times, not ... [Manifest the Rest]

Jewels the Psychic Cat!

I like saying I was a cat in a former life. When I first started saying this, it was mostly just my Leo rising, joking. But after talking for years to Jewels, I'm not kidding quite so much anymore. When I had an intuitive portrait done at a ... [Manifest the Rest]

Everyday Tarot, 05/14/11: Traveling Light / Six of Swords

Transitions are just…hard. You know? Even necessary transitions, good transitions, moves to something bigger and better and more suited—still, they are just plain hard. I'm feeling this with the move to A Fool's Journey from writing the Daily Tarot ... [Manifest the Rest]

Mini-Meditation: Fly Away from Conflict

My husband gave me a version of this mini-meditation when I was all riled up over somebody else's conflict. Works great! See yourself outside, atop a very high mountain in a beautiful range. The conflict that's been surrounding you, touching your ... [Manifest the Rest]