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Chariot Reversed: The How Counts

I took on the role of mother young. This was an advantage to me in a number of respects, but most notably because I quickly realized I didn't know what I was doing. Understanding what you don't know means you can educate yourself. So I read a lot. ... [Manifest the Rest]

Reversed Magician: Clear Your Head

There are points in everyone's life where little feels like it's under our control. But there's one thing that we can ALWAYS control: how we manage ourselves. Next week, that's what we're looking at. Next Week in Tarot For the audio-visual among ... [Manifest the Rest]

Two of Wands: You Can’t Please Everyone, So…

What do you do, when you can't make someone happy? Maybe you're connected to someone in a way that's not going to change. You want the relationship to work and be pleasant. But despite your best efforts, that's not happening.  We often think if we ... [Manifest the Rest]

Five of Pentacles: Accessing Solutions

Used to be, when I had a problem of some sort, I'd dedicate massive amounts of attention (read: obsession) to coming up with a solution. Most pronounced when I was feeling the weight of the problem closing in on me. After all, we learn that we ... [Manifest the Rest]

Devil Reversed: Releasing the Tether

Recently, I heard myself telling one of my Tarot peeps to imagine positive potential outcomes as well as the negative ones. Give optimistic expectations as much airtime as the pessimism demands. At least acknowledge the possibility things could go ... [Manifest the Rest]

Devil Reversed: Make Your Escape!

Opportunities for escape can come in all different forms. Sometimes, the packaging isn't so pretty. A relationship wasn't working or a job goes away. Sometimes, it's a lot more pleasant. You know you're moving on (and up). But whatever the ... [Manifest the Rest]