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Two of Cups & Page of Wands: Peace & Passion

I'm tired. I had to get up up much, much earlier than my body wanted to accommodate repairmen. So I started this column in the morning but set it aside for lack of focus. When I came back to it, I realized the cards weren't merely showing me ... [Manifest the Rest]

Fool and Hermit: Finding Your Own Way

I'm sitting back and watching the world right now. Or maybe "feeling" is a more apt description than just watching, because all the observation has included a hefty helping of emotional tone baked right in. Everyone is trying to find their way, ... [Manifest the Rest]

Queen of Cups Rx & Justice: Don’t Be an Ass

I was talking with a customer service rep a few days ago. He wasn't able to do what I wanted to be done. "I'm frustrated with this answer, but I know it's not your fault," I told him. The relief he expressed was palpable, even through a text ... [Manifest the Rest]

Queen of Pents: Feed Yourself. Seven of Swords: Don’t Dictate Anybody Else’s Menu

What really "feeds" you? Maybe it seems especially relevant to you as it does to me right now, but it always matters. For me, it's quiet time. That coffee outside on the front porch, listening to the birds and wind rustling through the trees. And ... [Manifest the Rest]

Tower & Emperor: Matter of Viewpoint

Some of what I'm seeing lately makes my heart hurt. Not just because people are suffering, although some are and of course, I feel for them. But it's more the (to me) needless and self-inflicted suffering that leaves an ache. People see a huge ... [Manifest the Rest]

Page of Wands: Yelling it Like (You Believe) it is

Something's been eating at me the last couple of days. I couldn't quite put it into words until I read this story my friend, Josi, wrote on letting the heart speak. "There was something more important than being right in that moment. Being kind. ... [Manifest the Rest]