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Knight of Cups: Let Yourself Soar

"You can't have it all..." he starts. "Of course you can!" I interrupted, not concerning myself in the least with being obnoxious. I was visiting with friends. "Maybe not all at once," I continued. "Sometimes it takes a minute. And once you ... [Manifest the Rest]

Five of Cups: Now, now, now!

Healing has been on my mind lately, no doubt because I've been Facebook ad-targeted for a support group for healers. It would be great targeting if I self-defined as a (tired/ drained/ overwhelmed) healer. I don't. I mean, sure, I've studied ... [Manifest the Rest]

Real Healers? Sort Of.

"You're a healer," the reader says decidedly, looking down at the worn deck of playing cards spread out on the cloth before her. "Yes," I nod. "A very good one..." she adds, looking surprised. "Thank you," I said.  I wasn't sure what else to ... [Manifest the Rest]

Knight of Wands: Silent Knowing

I've always felt a bit like a weirdo, but the sensation is getting stronger in the past couple of years. Mostly I'm okay with that. Although to be honest, it can feel a little isolating at times. I like feeling connected to other people but if I ... [Manifest the Rest]

Three of Wands: What Do You Expect?

What do you expect? I'm not asking in a preachy sort of way. There's no chastisement here. It's a simple, straight-up question. What do you expect? Because it matters. Expecting good paves the way for good. I don't "expect" anyone to ... [Manifest the Rest]

Ten of Cups Reversed: Empty Spaces

My landlady has a well-earned reputation for planticide. She's killed my flowers more than once. I never react very well to this, incidentally. I also don't think about it too much anymore, because what's the point? But I was remembering it ... [Manifest the Rest]

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