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Special Offers

Specials TreasuresI’ve decided to offer the a few holiday reading specials because they’re fun! I’m also doing some new ones this year, so take a peek.

Zodiac Look-Ahead

I’ll be doing the full-on Zodiac Look-Ahead for 2020. That one provides a big-picture overview for the year and covers all the astrological houses, but you don’t need to know astrology yourself to understand them.

These are fun to do (and get, from what I hear).

You’ll get a picture of your cards with an email summary of the reading, a full-length audio mp3 of real-time Dixie reading your cards.

They are $40. If you require an email-only version, please let me know and I’ll be glad to accommodate that.

⭐ To Get Your Zodiac 2020 Look-Ahead Reading: Shoot me a Paypal and add in notes if you have any special areas interest (e.g. money, health, job, love life or whatever). These aren’t well-suited for highly specific questions,  but I can pay a little extra attention to any areas of life you’re especially curious about.

Time Blocks

If you just want to plan ahead, you can buy hours of session time to be broken up however you want through the year – phone, email/audio, chat readings, whatever. I’m flexible!

Normally I charge $100/hour or a little more if you’re getting shorter readings. For this special, you can get time blocks for $50/hour (minimum of 1 hours time). So that’s at least half off for the planners!

⭐ To Get Your Time Blocks: Send $50 for each hour you want to book in advance, and be sure to remind me you’ve got a Time Block when you want to use it.

Take-Home Message for 2020 (for Donations)

Those of you who’ve worked with me before will be familiar with my “Take-Home” messages. If you’re not, the Take-Homes are usually a single card (or sometimes 2), drawn at the end of a session to provide a broad overview and focal point for moving forward. Take-Homes often provide powerful messages in a small package and basically put a bow on the rest of the reading.

This year, I want to offer Take-Homes as a stand-alone, single card  offering a focus for 2020. They’ll be downloadable audio and an email summary on a love-offering (aka. donation) basis. If you do need email-only, please let me know.

That way, anybody who wants a little Tarot magic form me for 2020 can have that option.

Note: I may have to limit these, depending on how many overall requests come in. So get yours in early if you can.

⭐ To Get Your Take-Home for 2020: Make a donation and I’ll do the rest!

And whether we do a holiday thing together or not, have an awesome season. ♥

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