Mini-Reading | Panic and Ten of Pentacles

Family Connection

“I’m having problems breathing and with some panicky stuff – there have been differing points of view about it. Is this an indication of a healing gift coming up for me that I cannot yet see? (In other words, NOT physical?)” -Dillion

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I believe physical issues and energetic issues are intertwined. You can treat either the physical or emotional causes, and both provide relief. Often, a dual approach is best anyway.

The idea you can’t “catch your breath,” that you cannot safely rest, is related to security. As in, you feel responsible for everyone else’s security! You are always on the end of a very long list. It’s your family at the center of this, with you trying to make sure they are okay. You’re totally the savior, the rescuer. It seems like you can never slow down.

Feeling the need to clean up other people’s messes when you have no control over the decisions that create the messes is kicking your ass here. Your well is dry, you know? Because there is so little left over to replenish. You don’t even worry about taking care of yourself at this point. You worry that if you get to the point you cannot continue to hold your family up, they will fall.

You need better boundaries. What you give has to come out of what’s left over AFTER you give to you. Anything short of this, you are running the risk of compromising yourself to the point all those balls in the air will eventually fall. YOU are your own closest family member, m’dear. You feed everyone else, and there is endless need. You are starving.

Serve yourself first. Always first. That’s not selfish. It’s self-preservation. And when you limit what you give out to the masses, you’ll find that it encourages your family to call upon alternative solutions some of the time. Everybody becomes better off for it. You don’t have to solve all the problems. You just have to solve yours. Support for the family is much easier when you’ve set limits and are well fed and rested yourself.

Hope that’s helpful and much love to you! ♥

Mini-Reading | Spiritual Quest with King of Wands

“OK, my question: I’m working my tarot and psychic skills, which I’d eventually like to use to help others just like you do, Dixie. But sometimes I feel lost, like my striving is all in vain or that I’ll never see the growth that I’d like to see. Am I on the right path? ” -Colorfulness28

Full reading via recording, summary below:


Fear and nerves gets in the way as you learn to access psychic/intuitive information consistently. It definitely takes practice. Worry about doing it “wrong” keeps you second guessing yourself and really is a huge block. You have to give yourself permission to be wrong before you can learn to be more right…every single reading is a leap of faith without exception.

Look at creative venues to help you get in better touch with the flow in a playful way. A serious approach is appropriate working with clients overall, but as you develop your skills, you especially need a sense of FUN. And even then, this kind of work should always keep a sense of love, fun and non-judgement…not just of your clients, but of yourself as well.

Look at non-related creative activities–art, cooking, singing, or painting birdhouses! (Why do I want to keep talking about birdhouses? Be sure to tell me if you figure it out! Ha!)

You’re wanting to smooth the way for relaxation, fun, and a sense of creation. Anything that you visualize and then put together is great for this. Any activity that takes you outside yourself is helpful. Take some creative time right before you do your meditation and readings and see if it smooths the way for you.

Hope that’s helpful and much luck and love on your path! ♥

One-Card Mini Readings, for a Minute!

People are often nervous about getting a Tarot reading if they haven’t had one, or sometimes have concerns about the cost. I’d like to help, so I thought I’d try something different.

So…for the next FIVE people who ask, I’ll be offering 1-Card Mini readings for just $10. Use the form below to ask your question and I’ll post your completed reading to the AFJ website.

You get a quick, personal reading, other folks get to share the Tarot wisdom, and hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way. If this works out well and y’all find it useful, I may be persuaded to offer them again from time to time.

So go ahead and give it a whirl if you’re fast enough! After five readings are purchased, the form will self-destruct. Ha! And let me know what you think…

Sorry, but the special has ended. Hope to catch you next time around!