12/02/12: Are ya happy yet? | Sun

Ah, the Sun is up!

Are you happy? Do you know how to be happy?

Hint: It’s not related to what you have in the bank, or don’t. It’s not about your health (or lack thereof) or your mate or boss or neighbor or mother or cat.

It’s about YOU. Where you choose to put your focus, how you manage your own energy, makes all the difference in the world, as to how happy you are.

If you’re having trouble reaching happiness, if he seems a slippery little bugger eluding your grasp, try wearing Orange and eating orange foods to activate your second Chakra, the seat of pleasure and contentment.

And make a list of what you’re grateful for, mentally or better yet, in written form. Nothing helps turn up the happy vibes more than feeling the good you have in your life.

Are you happy?

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