Mind / Body / Spirit Spread

mind-body-spirit-checkinOne of the first (and easiest) spreads to learn is the Mind/Body/Spirit. Not surprisingly, that’s a 3-card spread covering–you guessed it!–mind, body, and spirit.

Oddly enough, when using the spread I find it reads very similar to a Past/Present/Future layout, the messages are very similar. Which makes sense, I guess. Thinking is heavily influenced by  (past) experience, physical body is extremely present-tense, and (at least in my world) the future is driven by spirit. Experiment with reading one spread both ways to see exactly what I’m talking about.

I also love combining these for myself with my “Trust Your Vibes” deck for specific advice on improving any weak points. I find this combination works exceptionally well for me, with the advice from Sonia’s deck spot-on and helpful.

And I was thinking…New Year’s resolution focus is waning by now and maybe, a check-in would be a good idea for others as well as for me. So I decided to offer them to y’all for the rest of February.

Mind/Body/Spirit Snapshot 


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07/15/12: Ups and Downs | 2 Cups, 2 Pentacles, Wheel


We’ve got the Two of Cups (Venus in Cancer), Two of Pentacles (Jupiter in Capricorn) and the Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter). First thing I notice about these three cards, there are two Tarot twos—this tells us the principles of balance and polarity is relevant. With a couple of Jupiter associations to the cards themselves, this feels like large energy.  With the suits of Cups and Pentacles, I’m thinking love and money are impacted. And with the Major Arcana involved, don’t be surprised if you see big, important changes, served up without much warning. But as is always the case with the Wheel, whatever goes up must go down and vice versa.

I say this not to scare you. The trick here is staying flexible, okay? There are two sides to every story and before it’s done, you’ll probably understand both of them. Even if you’re in a downturn cycle of the Wheel, know that you can access insight in that regard. And anytime you can get insight, run with it!

Little annoyances are like the rattle in the car—an early warning signal that something’s out of whack. You can take it in to the shop now or wait until the engine locks, ya know? If you consider those frustrations a telegram from God on upcoming lessons. If you can listen and learn fast, take care of any areas you could stand to shore up, you’ll get yourself out of the shop with a much, much lower bill. Listen and learn, man, listen and learn.

So whatever you run into today, be it something you absolutely love or something just to be endured, appreciate whatever you can get out of it and know things are a-moving along.

You feeling the ups and downs?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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12/08/11: Hasty Cuts? | Knight of Swords Rev, King of Swords Rev, Lovers


Today, Tarot gave us the reversed Knight of Swords (Air in Air), the King of Swords (Fire in Air), and the Lovers (Gemini).  I see this as admonition not to be too quick to cut others off—verbally, emotionally, or otherwise. Watch for unrealistic expectations, being over idealistic, or just a passing feeling of detachment from others. Don’t make cuts in haste, because you could well end a very useful, harmonious partnership that way.

Just watch the sharpness, okay? Because it’s liable to come back and bite you in the behind! Especially be careful of sarcasm or cutting words. Your mouth probably has more impact to relationships that you may realize.

You feeling the urge to cut ties?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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11/30/11: Get out before she blows! | Tower, 3 Swords, Rev Ace Cups

Denial is powerful. I can’t condemn anyone for it because I’ve done it myself, just as much as the next guy. I understand how it serves, keeping painful realities at bay when you’re not quite ready to process them. But honestly, the longer it goes on, the bigger the tab at the end. If you have inkling, why not try to open yourself up to what you’re getting?


Well, I didn’t exactly get an easy time of it for today’s Tarot, huh? Eeek! We’ve got the Tower (Mars), the Three of Swords (Saturn in Libra) and the inverted Ace of Cups (Water). We’re looking at very disruptive and painful energy overall. This spread makes me think of a breakup, where one finds out their partner has been pretending to feel something other than what they really do, maybe for a long time…

Not that I can’t spin it. It’s just the sugar doesn’t wipe out the aftertaste. The scoop—whatever’s come crashing down lately? Good reason for it. Yes, it hurts. You probably miss what you used to have, no question. But do bear in mind, those things that break really needed breaking. There were weak spots in there already. You just didn’t want to see. I feel ya on that.

The trick here to minimizing damage is making sure you’re not camped out in that tower. That means being willing to see the writing on the wall, the cracks in the foundation, being willing to acknowledge what doesn’t quite smell right. That smoke you are smelling? It’s not burnt dinner. It’s a fire! While it undoubtedly costs us to openly acknowledge, it will cost more not to, so best take those lumps as they come.

And as emotionally draining as it is when it hits, it doesn’t stay that way forever. You make your peace with all things, in due time. People are resilient and sometimes, with a little distance and detachment, you can even see where all ultimately serve you…if you decide to live  that way, that is.

Do you avoid seeing painful realities before they smack you down?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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11/27/11: Take it as it Comes! | Rev 6 Cus, The Wheel, The Fool


Today’s Tarot forecast is a 3-card spread from the lovely Legacy of the Divine deck: reversed Six of Cups (Sun in Scorpio), the Wheel (Jupiter), and the Fool (Uranus).

Don’t get stuck in what you used to want. Does it still suit you? Rather, embrace today as it comes, knowing full well this IS a grand adventure. To see it as anything less is to shortchange yourself. You get what you get and your success is not so much what comes down the pike, but in what you do with it.

So face it all, head on and with foolish optimism. Who knows what you might do if you don’t accept anybody’s word on what’s possible?

Are you ready to face the future?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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11/15/11: Do Something Already | Four of Cups, Nine of Wands, Sun Reversed

“The smallest, most humble action trumps even the most grandiose plans.” –Dixie


Today’s Tarot forecast is the Four of Cups (Moon in Cancer), Nine of Wands (Moon in Sagittarius), and the reversed Sun. Clearly, we’re talking about feelings here with two of the three cards association with the Moon astrologically. We had the Four of Cups quite recently to boot. Taken together, this threesome speaks to me about dreaming versus doing, avoiding versus attacking.

And you know, okay. Sometimes even when you do attack issues head on, climb that ladder of success, your life doesn’t completely come out sunny side up. I get that. All is not magically perfect. It’s still life, and we still have challenges to face. Granted. But in the stuff that matters most, the essence of happiness is still there, you know? If you’ve got the basic building blocks in place, you can revisit and refine. But you’ve got to sober up before you hop on that ladder to climb up, up, up.

Is there anything you’ve been avoiding?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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