Body Combat Zen

frosted rose

I have to laugh, as I look at my daily for tomorrow: Psychosomatic Illness. Funnier that it was posted early. The information needed extra air time!

See, I’ve been complaining for the last several days of being under the weather. Sinus issues, leaving me to talk a little funny and perpetually appearing to be on the verge of tears. I’m not, but my face feels like it. And my face looks like it, kind of swollen, when I can see it, between sneezing fits and rubbing itchy eyes.

I want to blame it on Reiki detox, since the second degree attunement I had on the Virgo Full moon. And maybe there’s something there. Or not, I don’t know. Even in my woo-woo world, not everything comes with a legible tag declaring it’s origin.

I don’t see physical issues in and of themselves  as”bad.” Inconvenient or uncomfortable sometimes. I’m very lucky, that’s all I have to deal with! But I’ve seen too many times when the body reacts to emotional shifts and energetic shifts physically, too many times to just judge physical anomalies as “bad.”

Sometimes, they are signs you must make a change. Sometimes, they are signs you have made a change. Either way, it’s common there is something significant happening.

Considering something as simple as a cold–all those unwelcome symptoms are doing very welcome jobs, ridding our bodies of invaders that can harm us. There are purposes served by all our experiences and I welcome the purpose even if the mode of delivery is less than charming.

Staying open to the experience, I hope to help it travel smoothly, efficiently. (Read: Quickly!) It’s like my own form of “body combat zen.” I fight by not fighting–accepting and accommodating and allowing the experience, until I no longer need it.

And having said this, my work is good still anyway–really, the connection is especially solid now. Strong enough I have to periodically remind myself to ground, grab a hunk of Hematite in each hand, and count my breathing while I sink an astral taproot to anchor. Just so I don’t float away…

But I did realize today, I’ve been handing out the same advice over and over in a short period. My 3-times rule is beyond triggered and I already realize that my people’s favorite tactic for getting a message through m thick head is to send me a swarm who need that very message.

“Carve out some time specifically for yourself, put it on your list and prioritize it.” Heard!

So from here on out, I will not be scheduling readings on Saturdays, OR on the days of New and Full Moons. If a lunar event falls on the weekend, I’ll likely take the day before off regardless of what day it is, instead of just Saturday. But in general, that’s what we’re looking at. I’ve carving out this time for personal pursuits, whether woo-woo related or not. So please be aware of that unavailability when we are working together or figuring expected response times.

And thanks for understanding.

How are y’all doing out there?

Multicolor Among the Grayscale

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” – Coco Chanel

Y’all have heard me talk about my 3-times rule before, right? And this one has been hitting me in the face, more than 3 times in the past two days.

Other. People’s. Opinions. Of me.

Really, Universe? ‘Cause you would I thought I had this one down.

One look at me should confirm, right? I live my own life and don’t take a freakin’ poll about whether or not what I like is “okay.” Duh. I’m an out-of-the-closet woo-woo pink-haired hippie freak. And proud of it.

But I do notice. Still, I notice. (Saturn-Uranus opposition, man.)

Just an example: Today I posted a link on my Low Carb page, to a Tarot interview I did..  Told them it was “in case you’re curious about the person behind this page.” Whenever I post a woo-woo link there, I always clearly label it “OFF-TOPIC” and warn the spiritually squeamish that if they don’t dig the woo-woo, they should pass it by. I post something off-topic on that site maybe 3 or 4 times a year. So it should be pretty easy to ignore.

There were some unhappy responses. Not surprising, considering there are over 20,000 people there. Some will be scared or bothered or freaked out or whatever by the woo-woo wonderful. Not a big deal, you cannot please everyone and I have no aspirations of such.

But as I am reading the comments, suddenly my heart starts pounding, accompanied by sensations of anger, fear and disgust washing over me like waves. It felt like being in the middle of an angry crowd, and somebody was about to start throwing rocks.

I realized quickly I was getting smacked with the feelings behind the responses (those who wrote and probably those who felt the same but not directly verbalizing). Oh my God! Sometimes, I get a contact buzz off of people’s emoting without really seeking it. It tends to be stronger if the emotion is actually about me. But this was just plain freaky.

I got away from my computer and grounded to catch my bearings. But it shook me a little; I wasn’t expecting it.

Sometimes I think my being different is helpful to other people, in and of itself. Like if I can be a big-mouthed, pink-haired old lady who readily acknowledges I believe in magic and talk to spirits and look to Tarot cards to solve problems, it makes it a little easier for somebody else who would like to be more…”unique”–but is afraid.

I cannot tell you how many times people have come up to me in public to comment on my hair. A few don’t like it–but most keep that to themselves. More light up. And some just sound wistful.

“I wish I had the guts to do that,” many say.

“It’s just hair. It grows out.” I tell them. It never seems to help, when I say that.

But you know, if your boss or your spouse or your neighbors or you mother hate weird hair colors, then it could be hard. Very hard. If you are not already sure you’re golden in terms of being “okay,” then it could be hard. If you’re feeling shaky or unsure or somehow broken, then the criticism and disapproval and negativity of even something so insignificant as your hair color is going to smack you in the face because it feels TRUE. Like all the other criticism you may hear.

I don’t know the moral of this story. Not really. Hater’s gonna hate? That you had better get your shielding in order if you’re going to really stand up and be different as Hell? Even if you know who you are and you know you’re okay, it doesn’t feel good to get blasted with the haters.

Only thing I know for sure: whoever or whatever you are, SOMEBODY is gonna hate it. I’d rather be hated for being myself than partially liked for being somebody I’m not. The only real insulation against any onslaught of such negativity is not giving it any weight. Detaching, you know?

Love thyself. That’s it.

I guess this whole post boils down to those words: LOVE THYSELF.

Can you relate?



Spring Cleaning Yourself a Void

Y’all know how I talk about my 3-times rule, right? Something hits my radar three times in a short span, I pay attention. Right now, it’s Spring cleaning.

Kind of metaphorical, kind of literal. I don’t make a clear distinction, you know? Because that’s the magical world I live in.

Objects retain energetic vibrations. They carry echos of memory, past uses, the emotional environment. Energy sticks like a layer of reside. Think of this this way: when you get something new, shiny that you just love? You glow. You’re happy using it, and it glows.

After you’ve had it a while, and it’s not longer your “favorite,” or when you’ve replaced it with something that suits you better now, it doesn’t shine quite as bright. It’s not longer a match for where you are NOW. Not that it’s bad. Only not a match anymore. Maybe time to pass it on?

How do you think psychomotry works, man? Objects retain vibrations!

Or think of your favorite outfit, one you always feel lucky and confident wearing? Those emotions get imprinted in the material, like a layer of emotional residue. (In this case, nice residue! But it’s still cumulative.)

Words retain vibrations, even words set in the electronic mediums. So your old texts and emails? Yeah, they carry the energy they were sent or read with, still hanging around in your archives.

You want new flowers? Clear the old flowerbeds.

You want some new projects and adventures? Clear out your old ones. Finish them or let them go, but clear them out.

You want to let go of past relationships? Get rid of the words and physical objects that keep them fixed and present in  your life.

ANYTHING you don’t want in your life, get rid of it’s energy in all forms.

Anything new you want in your life, make a clean space for it.

Nature fills the void. But first, you must create the void, and allow it.

Have any voids to create?

Just In Case (listening to your own advice)

Something that cracks me up about doing these little video readings is exactly how often I get some of my own guidance from them. Time and again, my own messages show up this way, through those and other readings.

Like when I’m telling Patty to get rid of the papers that hold ugly energy for her, and reminding Mist to check her journal for the energy held in her words…I started thinking about how words hold energy, and the energy in my life I didn’t really like feeling.

I had a number of email messages that had been upsetting to me, and while I didn’t have it sitting in my inbox anymore to smack me in the face each time I opened my email program, I kept them archived, out of sight but still accessible for review, “just in case.”

In case of what, I have no clue! It’s not like was going to court. In case I wanted to feel crummy about it all over again, I should keep this? In case I wanted to feed a grudge? In case I started to forgive, forget and move past the pain?


I felt a little nervous deleting them, silly as that is. Like I was losing something, giving up, surrendering. And in a sense, I guess I was. But it was a good surrender.

It was utterly remarkable. I felt better immediately! It was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. It released the energy wrapped up in those words immediately. I didn’t even know I was holding on to it, but it was there still, weighing me down. “Just in case.”

I talked to Caroline about more consistent spiritual practices and to Josi about setting parameters around her spirit work. More of the same was coming in this round of videos. Yes, yes, yes, much IS info I need to heed. Nothing worse that hearing advice coming out of your own mouth for someone else that you would do well to listen to, huh? Har!

So looks like I need to schedule more time for fun, with lots of appearances of the Second Chakra in these video readings (and other Chakra Check-ins I’ve done). And I cringe to think of the number of times I’ve recently told people they need to take better care of themselves physically. Oy vey!

Okay, Spirit, I’m listening! I’ll try to comply. Because really, what else am I going to do? I don’t want to be a hypocrite.

So my choices are either stop giving such great advice or start taking it better. Classic catch-22 if you ask me, man.

Do you hear messages for you coming out of your own mouth?

What are you worth, anyway?

Anytime I find myself saying the same thing several times in readings within a brief time span, I take notice. Because that always means there’s something there I need to pay attention to there, y’know? My 3-times rule gets triggered.

So it was: If you want others to value you more, value YOURSELF more. It never works the other way around.

I consider myself generous with my energy. I write the Everyday Tarot plus assorted other sundries, I correspond with site visitors and clients, I offer support on various online forums, I give advice to my web folks, I do educational videos, I maintain a Low Carb support community on Facebook, and sometimes even try to show up for family and friends. I work 7 days a week and very, very hard. Virgo tends to, you know.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything. But the point is, I give freely and from the heart.  And I find those times when someone complains about how I don’t meet their expectations with what I give, how I don’t give enough or the right way, I can start to feel pulled under. Firstly, because I literally don’t know HOW to give more than I do, but even more, because I LISTEN and take that criticism in. I may feel I have to prove myself one way or a dozen; I may question myself or doubt myself or just feel not up to the job anymore.

Receiving a certain degree of complaints is a function of the number of people I interact with, I realize. There is always going to be a squeaky, maybe even wobbly wheel! But I cannot take the squeaking wheels to heart, no matter who it is. I have to realize that many of the people who may be touched by what I put out there I may never even know exist, let alone meet. That doesn’t change a damn thing.

The moral here isn’t to give more or better. The moral is to place a high enough value on your own energy, be convinced enough of the quality of what you do put out there, that you can utterly disregard those who don’t value it. They become non-relevant. It ceases being my problem or your problem and becomes their problem–one they can solve or ignore on their own.

If you go through your life not quite sure if you’re good enough, you will ALWAYS find someone to confirm that fear. On the other hand, if you go through your life knowing that you’re contributing something of worth, you’ll also ALWAYS get your confirmation of that conviction as well. We attract what vibrates within us.

The more you value yourself, the more others value you. That’s on my radar right now.

How do you perceive your own value?

Tarot in Real Life: Strength Card has more to Say

So, I’m working. I’m talking to a woman about her relationship, and Strength pops up.

“It’s a strong relationship, long lasting,” confidently rolls out of my mouth. That’s what Strength means, right?

I feel the disconnect, and see it in her face. Uh oh. Evidently, it’s not what Strength means today.

She talked a bit more and I realized, Strength wasn’t showing up as cheerleader, “You can do it!” or testament, “It’s such a strong relationship.” That’s what I was expecting the card to say. Instead, I needed to listen for what it does say, in the context of the other cards and the energy I’m tuning into.

Here, Strength was speaking to the constant effort required to maintain equilibrium. It never ceased! It can be a real chore, a hardship, never letting go of the energy required to maintain.

I knew I was on to something when Strength showed up for somebody else the same way, later in the day. She suffered a great deal, but fought to stay above the water. It was a heavy Strength. I respected her resolve, and tried to give her what I could get to make the load lighter.

And again, for a man that carried an especially weighty burden, Strength showed up. The 3 Times Rule officially triggered, and Strength has a new voice for me. Time to make a note in my Tarot Scrapbook.

Every card has a light and dark vibration, even if one tends to overpower the other. Every gift has a bane and every bane has a gift. It’s the polarity inherent, the yin and yang of the cosmos. I like to focus on the power of Strength, the tenacity. But it’s true, it can also be damned hard work. It’s not easy sometimes. Knowing that, Strength shouldn’t be taken for granted. Either the Tarot kind or the real-life kind.

What do you notice about Strength?