Choose Joy: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Nov 30 – Dec 6

“Thor the Warrior Kitten, you are cute but that’s Mama’s camera strap. I need that!”

Thor is an adorable, sweet and loving kitten; Thor is also an unpredictable, sharp-clawed and colossal pain in the ass.

Raising a rambunctious kitten isn’t a lot different than parenting, to be honest. There are challenging bits and pieces to parenting, kids or kittens.

Or to going to school. Or to marriage or career or making art or damn near anything that we consider an accomplishment.

The flavor of the overall experience isn’t in the bits and pieces of individuals incidents, or in the ebb and flow of the days and months and years. The overall flavor of the experience lies solidly in the perceptions of the participants.

This week is a lot like that.

weekly tarot november 30 2015

The overall vibe of this forecast is one of struggling with a long-standing situation. Fear or tiredness may play a factor, but what starts out stressful lightens up by the end of the week. A conscious decision to direct your actions and thoughts where you want to go makes all the difference here.

Monday, Open Up – Four of Pentacles: This is a stable, if somewhat anxious, stance overall, so the advice to “Open Up” is more prescriptive than descriptive. Be aware of any situations where you may be functioning out of habit, reacting to very outdated information, or otherwise not being fully present and reacting to the present. Look around, even if you think you’ve had it all pegged for a good long time, okay? Possibility of new directions if you remain open to seeing them.

Tuesday, Dedicated Effort – Eight of Pentacles: Bang, bang, bang on the hammer! Just keep hammering away at what you need to do. It’s a day of work. If you can sneak a little service in there, so much the better.

Wednesday, Helpless and Hopeless – Eight of Swords: Standoffs today are less reality problems than they are perception problems. Are you overreacting to something? Is someone overreacting to you? Any time the emotions are much bigger than the situation would objectively provoke, you’re tapping a deeper emotional vein. Think trigger. It’s important to question your stated reality and look for the root of triggers.

Thursday, Heal – The Star: If you’ve been diligently questioning assumptions already and identifying triggers and roots, today’s reward is a chance to heal some of that hurt. Allow yourself optimism. Let it grow.

Friday, Coming Together – Two of Cups: Any choice that faces you today, choose love. Without fail, without hesitation, without question, choose love!

Saturday, Seek the Truth – Seven of Swords: What “everybody” understands to be true doesn’t matter. This truth is of a highly personal nature. We’re seeking to realign our thoughts from the shifting over the last week.

Sunday, New Vitality – Ace of Wands: Physical activity is a great choice today, or just make something! I don’t care if it’s art or a shelf or dinner. It’s a time of renewal; choose regenerating with activities that make you feel really ALIVE.

Overview/Advice, Take the Lead – Three of Wands: The seeds you plant in your life, via repeated words, thoughts and actions, are the forebearers for the experience you harvest. Are you headed toward what you want? Whatever you want more of, take the lead by consciously choosing that direction.

Affirmation: I can deliberately reach for joyous thoughts. You cannot and won’t love everything that happens in your life. Nobody savors every experience. But you can REACH for the most optimistic and hopeful framing for the life you’ve got.

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Are you spending more of your energy acknowledging blessings or discontent?

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It’s What you See – Weekly Tarot Forecast, Nov 2 – 8, 2015

I was uncharacteristically fussy last week. Whiney even.

Of course, I’m as human as anybody else and I can get stressed and fret. There’s nothing wrong with having those feelings. But I wasn’t shedding them as quickly and efficiently as I normally do. I was not letting go–massaging them and looking at them from every angle and in general, just working them way too much.

Even I was getting tired of listening to me!

Towards the end of the week, I decided to shift my focus. Enough already! The next day, the Universe tested me with a couple of vandalized tires crapping out on the way to a Tarot gig. I had even gotten up on time, damn it!

I am proud to say I overcame the fussy and was able to go on to give some awesome readings the rest of the day.

It wasn’t just what happened to me. It was how I was thinking about it. This week? A lot like that.

weekly tarot forecast

Looking over the forecast as a whole, there’s unquestionably an edge to the coming week. There is a sense of tiredness here, and I expect some emotionally sticky moments without a doubt. I am thinking Wednesday will be the most challenging although throughout the week, it’s going to be vital to keep a tight grip on your perspective.

In particular, don’t focus exclusively on what you feel is lacking. That’s a prescription of a sour mood if I ever saw one. Keep coming back to that thought this week, every time you feel frustrated. Ask yourself: Am I focusing on the lack? What do I still have? What can I be grateful for instead?

See if you can shift your focus to blessings, to plans, to what you CAN do, what you DO have. If you take nothing else from this forecast, keep that thought in mind and it should carry you through!

Monday, What to Let Go of in the Future – Emperor Reversed: That drive for control? Micromanaging–or rather, trying really hard to micromanage others via stunning wit or even your life via perfect planning? Totally not working. And you know it. If anything, it’s turning your hair gray and making you crankier than an old lady who hasn’t had her coffee. Let it go, Grasshopper. Let it go. Control is mostly illusion anyway.

Tuesday, What to Take From the Past – Ace of Swords: Clarity, clean and sharp focus. I’m thinking of the 18-year-old about to graduate high school, full dreams and certainty. I mean, you sort of want to laugh in that fresh little face–so cute, all that certainty! (But you don’t laugh, because it’s mean.) The cluelessness, sure, we don’t need that. But that energy young people so often have, with such a singleness of focus, the drive and even to some extent even the idealism where things are so pure and simple? We could stand a little bit of that, even a long way south of 18.

Wednesday, Crossing – Death: It’s not an easy time. That’s all. Big transitional energy that’s heavy and hard sometimes. That’s what’s weighing many people down. Understand it doesn’t last forever and be kind to your fellow humans because even if you’re not weighted, they might well be. Great day to purge anything symbolic of what you’d like O-U-T-out of your life! Scrape up the gook and dispose of it.

Thursday, Heart of the Situation – Ace of Cups Reversed: All things appearing as bigger than they are due to emotional drain. Like those funhouse mirrors? Take some downtime if you can. Dream a little. Be kind to you.

Friday, Surprise – Page of Pentacles Reversed: Details are less important than they may have initially appeared. Early day off work? Do be sure and track expenses, though, as we don’t want today’s surprise to be coming up short on cash. Okay?

Saturday, Mind – Eight of Wands: I don’t know! Not me, as in Dixie doesn’t know. That’s what this card says, in the position of mind. It’s a mind not yet made up.

Sunday, Romance – Five of Pentacles: There’s love available for you but you may not be feeling. If you need a hug, you will have to ask for it directly. Love and mind-reading are two different things. Make your desires explicit.

Overview/Advice, Underlying Influences – Four of Cups: This is a week pitting experiences against expectations. It’s a little harder because it looks to be challenging to judge at points what is reality versus what is interpretation. I want to fall back on some of my old standbys: don’t date potential. Don’t expect other people to be you. Give yourself space to think, to grieve, to get quiet, and to know your own mind. Let emotions flow, to you and through you. If in doubt, nap it out.

Affirmation: When I reverse the thought, I reverse the condition. That sounds like a load of Law of Attraction crap, doesn’t it? Ha! Well, this is from the Abraham-Hicks deck but y’all know me. I have mixed feelings about the Law of Attraction as is generally postulated in popular culture. However…your experience IS highly dependent upon your interpretation of it. Let’s say your car breaks down. Okay, that’s no fun. But whether it’s a world-ending tragedy or a minor blip in your life depends very largely upon how you think about it. So while changing your thoughts will not pay the car repair bill, they can move you from a place of victimhood to gratitude, that these are the kind of problems you have: solvable.

In every bitter pill, there is some blessing. I’m not saying ignore the hurts and struggles. I’m saying don’t put them in the center of your life. Ground yourself in blessings and love, and let the struggles be but a small part of the overall picture. Okay? It’s all about the perpsective!

Are you in a transition?

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Trajectory of a Breakup: Weekly Tarot Forecast, July 20 – 26

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a romantic breakup. Been married 26 years! That’s a good thing.

But there are other sorts of breakups, too. Breaking up from a job, or a friend. Or even breaking up from a family member or an identity–it doesn’t matter what. The feelings of loss, realization, reassessment and integration are very similar. It’s pretty much a universal experience. And much as it can suck, it’s also pretty much a universally necessary experience. You cannot align yourself with what’s right for you if you’re still married to what’s not, you know?

Hello, Venus Retrograde! I’m looking at you. And don’t forget, Venus is not just love.

Taking this week as a whole, it looks like the trajectory of a breakup. We start out with potential pity party–seating for one–but as the week progresses, we’ll have the opportunity of coming out of it not only feeling good, be actually paving the way for better. From Monday (stop feeling sorry for yourself!) to Tuesday (acknowledge what you’re actually dealing with, no dramatic license), to Wednesday (decide what kind of person you want to be), that takes us to to Thursday (Ooops, we haven’t really been always our best, huh?) and Friday (but we can be, if we make adjustments). Saturday (hey, we HAVE made progress) and Sunday (being gentle with the less enlightened) rounds out the week.

Where is this all going? Advice says, God only knows so stay flexible–but do your best to be happy anyway! [bctt tweet=”Personal happiness is an often-unacknowledged service to humanity.”]

july 20-26

Monday, Attitudes and Thoughts – Suppression/Ten of Wands: What’s bringing you down? How you think about it, Sparky. It’s all in the perspective. If you feel heavy, look a little lighter outlook. Attitude adjustment, well advised.

Tuesday, Crowning Influences – Maturity/Ace of Pentacles reversed: What’s come to fruition? That’s what you have to deal with here. Not what should have happened, not what you would have wanted to happen. What you’ve got, right smack in front of you. Forget the alternate scripts, and stick to the facts today. It will work much better that way. [Aside – What’s up with making the Ace “Maturity?” ‘Cause the Ace I’d expect to be young, and Maturity to be more Queenish.]

Wednesday, Conscious Desires – The Miser/Four of Pentacles reversed: Wish to be more generous and brave. You can do that! Don’t fuss at yourself for where you feel you fall short. Look for ways to stretch. And thank you, for adding to the love and light in the world, man.

Thursday, Cons – Existence/The Magician: The challenges you are dealing with are real, entrenched–and possibly not any the easier with a realization of your own role. Don’t settle for victim status, even if you were “done wrong.” Review your own involvement in whatever situations you have on hand, because that’s a point of power for the future.

Friday, Outcome – Awareness/The Chariot: Clarity and breakthroughs today. Facing up to yourself is rough work, but pays significant dividends.

Saturday, Pros – Past Lives/The Moon reversed: Reflecting on the past offers a better measuring stick of growth than just about anything else right about now. See how far you’ve come? See how much crazy you’ve left behind? Go you!

Sunday, What to Avoid – Thunderbolt/The Tower reversed: Don’t smack-down or shock others today, right or not. Be truthful, always, but also considerate and kind in your honesty. It is much less disruptive and persuasion is a much sweeter route.

Overview/Advice, Future Life – Possibilities/Two of Wands reversed: Be open to exploring what you have never considered. Plan in pencil. Sometimes the Universe has a different agenda.

Affirmation: My greatest gift to give is my happiness. I used to always say, if your happiness depends on other people’s behavior, you’re on dicey ground. That’s dangerous! And if you can hold on to your optimism regardless of the situation, you can lighten the load for any around you. People NEED optimism. People NEED encouragement. People need happiness! It feeds them, and encourages and cheers them. Just like misery and pain rub off, so does joy. No matter what your life, your state, your situation or your company, joy brings up the energy in the room. That’s a pretty good gift to show up with, don’t you think?

Are you in the process of “breaking up” with anything?

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Crossing Road Grunge Sign – Heart-St…’ by Free Grunge Textures – on Flickr. CC BY licence.

Regrets and Recoveries: Weekly Tarot Forecast, July 6 – 12

happy-mothers-day-tarot-kitty.jpgI recently had to put my very sweet, psychic cat to sleep. I knew it was coming, having plenty of warning. I did the best I could for her, to keep her comfortable and to make her last days happy. She’s always been a chow hound and was on medication that made her hungry, so I fed her whenever she wanted, which was a lot.

But even as I was preparing to take her in to the vets for the  last time–she hid when she heard me get the carrier, but was too sick to hide well–knowing it was the right thing to do (and wanting with every fiber of my being not to do it), I found myself thinking, “What if?”

“What if I’d taken her in sooner? What if I were a better healer? What if I had practiced my Reiki more and worked harder? What if I’d prayed harder, done more magic, held more faith?” I believe in magic and miracles. So why couldn’t I pull some of that off for her? Some people would think that ridiculous, and others would say, of course I shouldn’t blame myself for my cat getting cancer. But feelings don’t always fit into tidy little boxes.

I never knew I’d miss being woken up before the sun rises by a cat hollering at me, demanding to be fed.

Looking at the week as a whole, I’m getting a strong whiff of “what if?” Looks like regret and recovery color the emotional landscape in the coming week.

Monday, Mind, Playfulness/Page of Wands reversed: Is your mind playing tricks on you? Or maybe you’re feeling a little cranky? Would be a good day to lighten up and not take yourself too seriously.

Tuesday, Co-workers – Schizophrenia/Two of Swords: Well, I don’t like the looks of that! I mean, who wants to see the word “schizophrenia” associated with co-workers? Expect indecisiveness or endless weighing of options around the job.

Wednesday, Parnter – Adventure/Page of Pentacles: Your partner(s) = grounding. I used to say sometimes, “Even going to the grocery store can be an adventure with the right attitude.” I’d add to that, anything can be an adventure, with the right attitude–and the right company. Seek the right company.

Thursday, Underlying Influences – Intensity/Knight of Wands reversed: Look at what you feel driven to do today. Look at issues where your reaction is out of proportion to the stimulus. Find yourself speaking with way more emphasis than expected? Or is someone else being more intense that you’d think a situation warranted? That’s like a big, fat neon arrow pointing to what’s really going on.

Friday, What to Know – The Dream/Six of Cups: Know that your vision of what’s ahead could be unrealistic, naive or lacking full insight into the nuances of reality. Potential to dream things up and not allow for reasonable setbacks in planning.

Saturday, What you Can’t Change – Healing/King of Cups reversed: It takes time to get over hurt. The only way out of pain is through it. Allow yourself to feel what you feel and let that energy go. It can and will, once expended.

Sunday, Hobbies and Talents – Participation/Four of Wands reversed: Don’t sulk! Get out there and do what you love (and are good at doing). The day is a lot more rewarding that way.

Overview/Advice, Present, Ice-olation/Three of Swords reversed: Pain subsides over time, and when it’s properly felt. Don’t allow yourself to become isolated and wallow, but do allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel. This appears to be a healing, a lessening of hurt, but the hurt is still there. Not forever, but for now. Hugs anyone? ♥

Affirmation: Every “reality” has been focused by someone into being. When I or someone I love struggle, one of my perspective hacks is to tell myself, “There is a reason any person is where they are. If someone is struggling, they must have something to learn or grow from it, or they would not be there.” Don’t confuse this with blaming folks for their own headaches, because blaming requires a judgemental stance and I don’t go there. Honestly, I find this type of reframe incredibly comforting, because it gives purpose to the sting. If I’m in a tough spot due my choices, it’s easy enough to slip on this re-frame. If conscious choices don’t seem to factor in, then I put it in context of divine purpose, soul contracts and choices of the higher self. Maybe that doesn’t resonate with you, but I’ll tell you if you can make the leap from “life sucks” to “serves a higher purpose, even if I don’t understand it right now,” the cost of admission is the same but you’ll feel a lot of relief.

I think I’m doing alright, letting go of my regrets to make way for the recovery bit. But if you have a pet, go give them a nuzzle, okay?

Are you dealing with regrets and recovery?

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Way Not Personal! August Monthly Tarot Forecast

Dude, better late than never, right? Got a new video Tarot forecast for you!

Short version: Friends and family are likely recovering from stressors, many of which visited us last month. It’s a healing time. Be kind, be gentle with those you care ab0ut and most of all, don’t take it personally! Side note: I actually recorded this late-ish July but through a series of circumstances didn’t get it up until now. So it gives us a better-than-usual chance to compare to life experiences.

How’s it matching your August?

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Surfing the Waves: Weekend Flow, June 7 -8

June 7 & 8 TAROT

This looks like an emotionally saturated weekend. That is neither good nor bad in and of itself, but most likely some of both. I’m thinking of grabbing surfboard here. Don’t walk into the waves or try to run away from them or curl up and cover your head waiting for them to overtake you. Surf the cresting feelings. That keeps you on top of all the emotional tides, where you can be true to the experience but still see what’s going on. You dig?

Saturday, Health – The Moon, Reversed: Maybe trouble sleeping sprinkled with a dash of hypochondria. Sounds like fun, huh? Ha!

Here, the worry looks psychosomatic, for whatever that’s worth. Generalize the concept of “health” symbolically to make this forecast more utilitarian for whatever is on your mind. So you can consider this your physical state, sure. But also think in terms of your emotional state, your psychological state, the state of your relationships, the health of your work/life balance, whatever.

In terms of advice, I’d suggest being scrupulously honest (with a reversed Moon, blowhard can come off as crazy and lies will stick out like a sore thumb). A little escapism, getting wrapped up in a good story, eases the tension. And keep the disaster scenario scripts to a minimum, please! They aren’t helpful.

Sunday, Hopes & Fears – Four of Swords Reversed: It’s hard to put fears to rest today, so don’t bother trying to iron-will through it. Instead, do SOMETHING, anything, any little thing, to help yourself feel more in control or bring your dreams a bit closer to grasping.

I am not suggesting you’ll be able to climb all life’s obstacles by Sunday afternoon. I am suggesting that you can do a spot of research, make a contingency plan, write a list, or otherwise take a concrete, constructive action that is soothing and reassuring.

Coping –  Knight of Cups: With the Knight of Cups as coping advice, I’m going to say mood swings are expected so do what you can to enjoy the ride. Feeling melancholy? Watch a sad movie. Feeling irritable? Scrub down the floors. Feels joyful? Dance! Express those emotions instead of fighting them and stay in the moment.

Affirmation – I can gradually change my vibrational frequency. In terms of reaching for the experience you want, I suggest the “one step up” approach. This is reaching for a thought just a little bit more optimistic, a perspective just a little bit more generous, than where you start. The key is to move upward but stay within the realm of what feels believable and true to you. Taking a one-step-up approach allows you to increase your vibration surrounding issues that are causing you anxiety or stress.

Here’s an example with job hunting:

  • “I’ll never find a job” becomes “It will take a very long time to find a job.” You could believe that, right? But it still feels a little better than the absolute, never statement.
  • “It will take a very long time to find a job” becomes “It COULD take a very long time to find a job.” Will vs. could adds a little optimism but doesn’t deny the time concern.
  • “It could take a very long time to find a job” becomes “I don’t know how long it will take find a job.”
  • “I don’t know how long it will take to find a job” becomes “I continue to apply for jobs as long as I have to.”
  • “I continue to apply for jobs as long as I have to” becomes “I’ll keep looking until I find a job.”
  • “I’ll keep looking until I find a job” becomes “The more I work at it, the sooner I’ll find a job.”
  • “The more I work at it, the sooner I’ll find a job” becomes “I’ll find a job before long because I’m working hard on it.”

So we’ve gone from “I’ll never find a job” to “I’ll find a job before long because I’m working hard on it.” BIG difference in vibration surrounding the job search, don’t you think? It goes from absolute pessimism to acknowledge personal effort and create at least a partial sense of control and even a little optimism surrounding a situation that provokes anxiety for most people. If you had two people, one making the first statement and one making the last, who would you expect to be the most successful?

Most would not be able to leap from the starting point to the end statement and still feel authentic, but in gradual, baby steps it’s quite possible. That’s the basic principle for anything you want to change in your life. If your feeling state is low surrounding anything, start reaching for the next-step-up best feeling statement that you can genuinely acknowledge as accurate. Lather, rinse, repeat.

How’s your weekend looking?

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
by Esther and Jerry Hicks

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