02/06/13: Dismissed Ideas / Reversed Ace of Swords

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


So, we had the upright Ace of Swords not too long ago with “Rich Idea.” Inverted, it could represent an unsound idea but right now, I’m thinking more along the lines of under-developed or not fully recognized ideas. It’s a tiny spark, the seed that perhaps (with Mercury entering Pisces) has been overlooked.

Of course, it could also be a half-baked idea. But I’m not going to point that out. Har!

The inverted Ace of Swords could also signify not consciously being aware of an idea. Swords are the thinking mind, rational thought. But using this interpretation, the idea still lives, even if under the surface. The sword obligingly points the way. If you don’t know why you act as you do, this is a possibility.

I have found myself many times over annoyed when I realized I wasn’t living my end-game yet, even with acting on those ideas that I had been very certain about.

“This is it! THIS is where I’m supposed to be!”

When my future didn’t oblige by magically unfolding as I’d expected, I’d become discouraged and question myself. I had all the signs! I’d followed my gut. So why wasn’t I where I thought I would, could and should be by then? I felt like I was following the metaphysical rules but the Universe let me down.

I missed the point (another possibility with the inverted Ace of Swords)! Those incidents were necessary stepping stones to where I WAS going. Or I should say, where I AM going. Because the cycle goes on.

I wasn’t off-course, I was impatient! Like a kid who cannot wait to move away from home to grow up and start “real life,” I’d forget each little bit of living is, indeed, real life. It’s all part of the whole. I expected a grand event as confirmation I’d finally arrived.

Yeah. I know.

Now, I try to be more Zen. Notice, I said “try.” I still get impatient. But I’m slowly becoming more accepting of the notion that not knowing is okay. We can usually see just a little ways ahead. And that’s beyond fine, that’s how it should be…because it’s how it is. You get what I’m saying?

Don’t be overly quick to dismiss ideas or declare them failures. You never know where following one is going to lead, so even if it’s not air-tight or fully formed, still process the information. Look for the beginnings of tomorrow’s success, sprouted from the seed of yesterday’s disappointments.

Each thought, each experience has it’s place in the sum total of your life. If you cannot keep up with all the ideas flying through, buy yourself a notebook! You may be surprised at what turns up in the unlikeliest of places.

Have you ever found gems hidden among previously dismissed ideas?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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01/31/13: Rich Idea | Ace of Swords


All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas – not money. –Robert Collier

I got the Ace of Swords repeatedly in a session not long ago. We were discussing a potential business partnership, and I did a simple cross spread I made up on the spot. This Ace showed up on top.

I shuffled and flipped some more as we talked, because hey, that’s what I do. Shuffle, ask and flip, shuffle, ask and flip. And don’t you know that as I shuffled, asked and flipped, this Ace kept showing up? Uncanny! And it kept showing up on top of whatever layout I was doing, crowning the spread.

I wasn’t using this deck, although this is one of my favorite for the Ace of Swords with those eagles flying high, the Air element symbol and zodiac glyphs in lights in the sky behind.

I’ll tell you a version of what I heard that day…there is one great big, bright idea to be had here, just in seed form now, but it shines and stands stands above and beyond all the rest. One idea outshines all the others and can logically (because we’re talking Swords here) take you from where you are to where you want to be.

One outstanding idea makes all the difference, if you act on it. Fly high above like the eagle to get a wide-reaching perspective. From above the clouds—letting go of attachments—you can soar and you can see.

Look for the seed of a very sharp idea today. Verify it makes sense—the Swords always do best when they make sense. Use that one idea to cut away anything that’s not relevant and focus on the essence, the heart of the question. That yields benefit.

You have any rich ideas lately?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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08/04/12: Damned Logic | Ace of Swords


20120730_164605.jpgOuch. That’s what the Ace of Swords means, sometimes.

Cutting away. Logic and only logic. Getting to the nitty-gritty. Losing the dead weight.

In other words, “Ouch.”

Swords can heal, or they can wound. Sometimes, they do both within the same swipe. The Ace of Swords often carries with it a new idea, a fresh perspective or an intellectual understanding that may grow into something very important.

But that Ace is just a baby! While it’s pure Air, pure idea, it’s also very young and not overly developed. To grow him, you have to wrap your brain around the thought, allow it to sink in and let the natural conclusions from its importance to develop.

I heard an idea I didn’t like much today. But I can see the logic, it cannot be legitimately denied. For it to be useful to me and—I hope—ultimately healing, I have to suffer through the sting and let the thought progress to it’s natural conclusion.

I find it amusing, this picture is a bit blurred. The idea isn’t in full focus yet. Ha! But it will be, soon enough. Because I do my best to heed the cards and take whatever they’ve got for me, whether I like it so much or not.

You heard anything lately that made sense but maybe you didn’t like it?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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10/14/11: Emotional Investments | 8 of Cups, Ace of Swords


8_of_CupsToday’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Cups or Lord of Abandoned Success, associated with Saturn in Pisces, along with the Ace of Swords or Root of the Powers of Air, associated with the Air element. While we’re more familiar with the traditional rendition of the Eight of Cups—leaving!—I like Legacy of the Divine’s version, emphasizing the transformational factors of releasing emotional attachments that sometimes just gets overlooked.

Remember, we have to work (Saturn) to transcend (Pisces). It’s not automatic! Boundaries (Saturn) protect us from becoming swallowed (Pisces) in the emotional stew. We’re in part defining ourselves by what we’re choosing to leave behind. While I often think of the Eight of Cups as a sad card because it can be, it bears minding that it’s also a card of release, relief. Your load is lighter once you walk away, always.

The Ace of Swords would have us being sure choices going forward are conscious, not by default. Reason, ideals, and progression toward defined goals all fit well into the new paradigm. Swords are tools every bit as much as weapons. So use the tools you have at your disposal here, starting with the brain!

You have a choice. It may not be the choice you want mind you, but it’s your choice nonetheless. Instead of attaching energy in hopes of preventing what you don’t want (fear-based approach), try focusing exclusively on what you do want (love-based approach). Both approaches activate the Law of Attraction, you know. So be crystal clear on what you would like to attract. Combined with letting go of emotional investments you’ve outgrown, this is a very powerful combination changing your life.

Are you cashing in any old emotional investments?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Everyday Tarot, 07/13/11: Fresh Thinking | Ace of Swords

ace-swords-todays-tarot-forecastThere’s the minute, when you really “get” it. A new idea has found it’s way into your sphere of awareness, and all of a sudden, everything  shifts. Snap, click, bam! It takes a bit for your eyes to adjust to the light that’s been flicked on.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Ace of Sword, or Root of the Powers of Air. It’s the essence of the Air Element—thought, reason, and logic. The Ace of Swords makes things conscious. Maybe it’s a new perspective, a new idea, or a new possibility you haven’t been aware of before.  This thought form is young, though, and will require energy to grow.

Swords like unadorned directness, so let’s oblige.

Look at that fresh inspiration—the one that just hit you? It is every bit as valuable as it seems. Run with it! You can take off, if you follow through.

Have any fresh ideas lately?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Everyday Tarot, 07/04/11: Showing Up for the Show!


Happy 4th of July! Since it’s a holiday weekend, I’m doing a quickie, 3-card spread for today’s forecast.

  • The Wheel of Fortune
  • The Magician, Rev.
  • The Ace of Swords, Rev.

Good opportunities are showing up now—your luck is just fine! The fear and hesitation about what next comes from feeling out of control, not at one with your inner power; that makes it hard to determine what’s a good idea and what doesn’t make sense.

To tell the difference, think about each option without worrying about the details—what’s practical or rational or acceptable—just focus on how it makes you feel. Not thoughts or what-if’s, just feelings.

The more excited, enthused, alive, and inspired you feel considering, the better the choice for your spirit. Let the Source figure out details. You just follow that inner light. The more fully engaged you remain, the better the outcome.

What do you see here?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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