Shady! Weekly Tarot Forecast, July 4 – 10

I get a funny, slightly disturbed feeling being lied to. Like milk that’s going bad, you know? It’s almost, but not quite right. It generally hits my solar plexus. It’s not always very noticeable–and my desire to believe can lead me to disregard it. Many times, it has. But the feeling itself is still valid, and very reliable.

I almost never say anything, when I get that feeling.

That is what this forecast reminded me of. That shady, “off” feeling–and the decision not to say anything about it.


Looking at this forecast as a whole, there’s sort of a “shady” feeling about it. Like there is plenty to misconstrue, a bit of confusion. I’m seeing one of those shell games, or 3 Card Monte. I’m not saying someone is actively trying to con you. But truthfully? It’s a possibility. Although much of the time, people con themselves. That, too, is a possibility this week. Most of these cards are minor arcana, however. So I’m thinking the confusion doesn’t have super long-term consequences. Of the week, Friday’s recommendation for self-care and the overview of taking some time to yourself are the most important parts to note.

While Mars is now direct and that feeling of trudging through mud is abating, this week still feels slower-moving than most. Progress is possible, but gradual. Two steps forward, one step in a completely random direction and…where the Hell was I going again? Like that. So take your time, okay? Rushing not advised. Roll with it, friends!

Monday, 7 of Cups Rx: This smacks of self-delusion, very possibly a “too good to be true” thing that, unsurprisingly, isn’t. Listen to the intuitive nudge of feedback–specifically, that one you’d like to ignore. Because if you don’t…well, you’re gonna be cussing yourself in the morning, Ya dig?

Tuesday, 4 of Cups: Content or complacent? That’s a matter of perspective. Either way, there’s more interest in dreaming about what could be today than actually taking action on the issue. If you have the choice, I’d schedule light today because it doesn’t seem super productive. But if you get a chance for a little daydreaming, the energetic weather should support that.

Wednesday,  Knight of Swords Rx: Somebody isn’t getting the message. Is it you? If you have important info to communicate, verify the recipient actually receives your message and understands what you’re trying to say. It may take more than one attempt to exchange information. There is also potential for muddied thinking and getting facts mixed up so double check your details. The necessary info is there, it’s not missing, but it could be in the wrong place. Like a form that has the right answers, but on the wrong lines.

Thursday, 8 of Cups: Release. Let it go! The hurt feelings and the what-if’s and the but-they-should-have-knowns. All of it. If it causes you pain or holds you back, step away. If you cannot yet do this literally, do it emotionally. Focus specifically and intentionally on what encourages you and makes you feel good and set aside the rest.

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Friday, The Empress Rx: Mama could use some love. If you’ve been busting tail looking after everybody else, today is a good day to look after YOU. A little play time, in particular, will replenish your giving well.

Saturday, 7 of Swords: Uh oh. Something is going down under the radar. Somebody lying? Maybe. If you have a difficult maneuver to pull off, you can today: provided you keep your mouth shut about it! There is just more going on than meets the eye. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it could be, depending. Don’t assume all the relevant facts are in the open.

Sunday, 4 of Pentacles: All is well. You are safe, and you made it through a tricky week just fine. It’s a good day to stay home and eat, if you have the option! Conserve your energy and resources and replenish yourself for the week coming up.

Overview/Advice, The Hermit: If you feel stressed out, frazzled or confused at any point this week, retreat! Go off by yourself for a bit and meditate. Or read. Or study whatever appeals to you. Or just sit, in nature and quiet. This will help SO MUCH, you have no idea. Don’t tell me you don’t have the time. Make the time. It will get you through any of the other difficulties with your equilibrium intact.

20160702_175753_HDRAffirmation: “My thoughts are in harmony with health.” This advice works to maximize physical health of course. But it also applies to any type of health–emotional, financial, relationship health, whatever.

 Whether you feel sick or well, focus on the wellness. Focus on improvements and appreciation for what’s going right. If you find little to appreciate, go more general as opposed to specifics, as it’s easier to do. And if you have trouble conjuring wellness thoughts on any particular topic, distract yourself with pleasant thoughts and activities unrelated. The point is to fill your mind with pleasant thoughts and your body with pleasant feelings.

Possible affirmations? I feel good. I like feeling good. I’m getting better all the time. I’m getting stronger every day. I love making progress. Most of the time, I feel good. It’s a good day. I appreciate my body. I appreciate my mind. I like me!


This forecast features the Tarot Nova Mini and and some Abraham-Hicks affirmation cards. If yo dig it, you’d probably like the book, Everyday Tarot Archives, or a personal consult.

Shine Your Light: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 13 – 19, 2016

I’ll never forget when I came out of the Woo closet.

It was simultaneously among the most terrifiying and exhilerating things I’d ever done. Saturn was in Virgo in my first house, and I felt compelled to self-define honestly. It seemed important, if dangerous. (I still made most of my living pushing pixels and fixing websites at the time.)

While I ran across a few eye rolls–some literal, some metaphorical–overall? It was kind of a big, fat nothing. Heck, some folks even shared with me their own woo orientations. I never would have guessed.

Because you don’t know. How could you? People hide. I hid. I get it.

Beyond that, though, most people are far too busy worrying about what you think of them to think all that much of you. And those who aren’t, who get all twisted up and scandalized becauase you’re not them?

Not really worth offering free rent  in your head.

Being TRUE to yourself, allowing your inner light to shine, is a huge service. It helps encourage others to do the same. So shine your true light, my friend. We NEED you!


We have a large amount of reversals in the spread. Six of the eight cards I pulled were reversed! If this had been a client reading, I probably would have acknowledged it’s a very difficult, slow-moving time, like trudging through molasses, and turned them upright to simplify interpretation. But it’s not a client reading and they spoke to me just fine, how they showed up.

The overall sense I’ve got this week is one of feeling out of step with those around you. Not a miserable, overwhelming kind of thing. More like, “If people really knew me, knew who I really am, I’d be utterly rejected. Must maintain cover.” And it’s the attempts to maintain your cover–appear as a complaint, respectable member of the community when you feel anything but–that’s got the potential to trip you up.

So don’t do it. Your best guidance system this week (and any other) is your internal one. Nothing else matters.

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Monday, Darkest Fears/Sacral Chakra – Eight of Swords Reversed: A buried worry, that you’ll be forever miserable and it will be your own damn fault. You can get past this two ways: 1.) Look for ways to laugh at what’s going wrong. Make a game of it. And 2.) Seek out thoughts, activities and company that you KNOW brings you joy. It’s easy to shift out of this “trapped” mindset. All it mostly takes is the decision. In other words, most of the bad mood mojo today is not entrenched and not permanent. Consciously shifting your perspective will lift you right back up.

Tuesday, Feeling Alone – Ten of Pentacles: It’s easy enough to feel alone in a crowd, depending on the crowd. Look for your people to reconnect if you’re feeling cut off. And if that’s not cutting it for you? Enjoy your own company. The feelings of isolation will pass.

Wednesday, Blossom – The World Reversed: Your job today has nothing to do with what’s expected of you, and everything to do with who you are on the inside. Favor that.

Thursday, Success & Growth – Ace of Wands: Follow your heart and what you love for the win!

Friday, Spread Your Wings – Nine of Cups Reversed: Expand your definition of “wonderful,” and your life will expand to fit it.

Saturday, Lead – Two of Swords Reversed: Quit waffling and just make a decision already. The world will follow suit afterward. It’s usually not so much making the “right” decision or “wrong” decision as it is about doing SOMETHING. You adjust as you go.

Sunday, Release – Two of Wands Reversed: Release old stand-offs taking up space in your head. Not worth your time. Don’t wait for anyone else to bury the hatchet. Because don’t you have better things to do than even bothering?

Overview/Advice, Heal – Five of Cups Reversed: Mourning does soften over time. Allow it. Feeling it come and go like the waves on a shore? This is a natural part of the healing process.

IMG_5164Affirmation – Relationship Harmony from Archangel Raguel: “We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now.” No matter what the discord, you are best served by keeping a soft heart, as much as you can. Not freezing it up. Not forgetting boundaries or dropping your own needs at the curb. But looking at life, at relationships, at everything, with a softer, more compassionate heart.

That’s not excusing or approving. It’s just not letting life–or anyone in your life–decide for YOU. If someone doesn’t fit into your circle, they’ll evacuate it soon enough. The most important thing is to remember who YOU are and no matter what’s happening about you, stay solid on that note.

You feeling a little misfit lately?

This week’s forecast features the Radiant Rider-Waite minisis, The Tarot for the Heart, and Archangel Affirmation Cards. If you like the forecasts, you’d probably like Dixie’s book, Everyday Tarot Archives, or better yet, find out more about working together one-on-one. ♥

Condensed Soup: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Dec 21-27

Some of the most intensely fruitful periods of my life, growth-wise, understanding-wise, finding-peace-wise, have been the most difficult.

Surely it’s not a surprise. And it’s cold comfort when you’re in the middle of it. But again and again and again, it happens the same way. It’s that damn pressure that forms the diamond.

I’m expecting pressure, incoming.

Weekly Tarot Forecast, December 21, 2105

Looking like a Major Arcana sort of week! As in, 5 of the 8 cards are majors. In everyday terms, that means the stuff we’re dealing with is likely to have significant impact, not trivial, but serious, hard hitting. Does this surprise anybody? Sky watchers, I know you are already hip. Winter solstice and a full moon this week. Bam! Balance is an ongoing theme this week. We’re looking at a cycle of release and readjust, release and readjust. Sort of like what life is about generally, except condensed. There is soup this week and it is condensed soup!

Merry Christmas.

Monday, Find Balance – Two of Pentacles: Evaluate what you need to manage, and what it takes to manage it. This means releasing that which is not essential. Even if you thought it was essential before, is it? Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to finish everything. Because it’s likely you simply will not be able to anyway. Just do a little of everything, and keep things spinning, okay?

Tuesday, Release – Hanged Man: Let go of the inner control freak, right here and right now. What you cannot control, just pray and let it go. That really is your best bet today. And you know what? Leaving it to Spirit, the Universe, God, or just somebody else to handle does provide relief.

Wednesday, Shine – The Sun: Soak yourself up in some happiness. Outside? If it works. Inside, otherwise. But look to add a big dose of joy to your day. Treats, movies, hugs, art. I don’t care what you do. Just do it!

Thursday, Balance – Temperance: Opportunities for unique solutions taking into account all sides of the coin may present. This is another call for balance, as well as compromise.

Friday, Clarity of Belief – Ace of Swords: Feeling thoughtful? Focus on what’s truly meaningful in your life. Good energetic weather for realigning priorities. Clarity is there, if you truly seek it. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, Helpless and Hopeless – Eight of Swords: I’m feeling this as sadness about what’s lost, with a side of, “How do I go on now?” Feel whatever it is you feel. As if you could do anything else. But don’t fight it. Really, that’s the only way through it. And if you open yourself up to all the feelings, you can generally see which restrictions are real versus which are self-imposed.

Sunday, Heal – The Star: Lots of sleep, healthy food, water, and love are all great investments today. A chat about possibilities with a trusted partner works, too. If that doesn’t play out for you, have that chat with yourself. Welcome optimism back.

Overview/Advice, Manifest/Third Eye Chakra – The Magician: Keep bringing your attention back to seeing what you want–not in the delusional sense, in the acknowledgement sense. In the “driving your own experience” sense.

Affirmation: I will not attempt to control others’ experiences. [Recent repeat.] This one doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Honestly, we cannot even control our own experiences completely. How are we going to control anybody else’s? I am also big on the notion we simply don’t have the right. Self-determination is central. It’s how we learn, how we grow and it’s a very personal business. I know a lot of people who “know” what’s right for me, most of whom I do not agree with.

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Most of us are doing the best we can. Some are not perhaps, but it’s not like we have an outline to what’s going on in someone else’s head or heart to know for sure. More importantly, it’s not our business. Watching over my own pot of condensed soup is plenty enough for me!

Is your life a little like condensed soup right now?

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Light Your Match: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Dec 14 -21

Light your match. It counts.

Can you think of a time, when just a little bit of encouragement, a smile, a kind word came in exactly when you needed it?

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that make a difference.

Weekly Tarot Forecast, December 14, 2015

There are a number of repeat cards from the recent forecast, “Choose Joy.” I totally shuffle, but when you’re doing forecasts, cards have a way of haunting you. So understand, this week my have a similar feel to the first week of December. I don’t usually suss out the astrology to look for parallels, but wouldn’t be surprised  to find them. We’ve got a nice mix of elements represented, with Pentacles/Earth energy a bit louder than the others.

Monday, Choose Your Battles – Seven of Wands: That’s advice I give–and try to take myself–on a regular basis. It’s good advice. We’ve only got some much time, so much energy, so many physical resources. How I spend mine is a matter I take very seriously. I believe I have a responsibility to be a good steward of my life energy, not to squander it. Plus there is that other, pesky issue: sometimes we fight about things that don’t matter to distract ourselves from working on our issues, that do matter. Setting priorities and being very clear on what is one’s business and what is not one’s business is a solid antidote to such problems.

6_of_Cups.jpgTuesday, Simply Love/Sacral Chakra – Six of Cups: I really like having this card paired with the Sacral Chakra, the card that came up first in this position (because this deck has Chakra cards). This energy  center rules pleasure, creativity and contentment. It’s so appropriate! And the love of the Six of Cups is not akin to the “it’s complicated” relationship designation. It’s simple generosity–trust, kindness, perhaps naive? Maybe sometimes. But without agenda. This kind of love is very comforting and healing for everyone it touches. So touch!

Wednesday, Strengthening Bonds – Ace of Pentacles: Think “tangible” today. Tangible connections, tangible commitments, tangible results. Measurable? Even better. You want manifestation energy here, even a very early form of it. So show up! Set a date, sign on the dotted line, update the resume, make the purchase–take action on whatever it is you’re toying with in a real, solid way. What is made tangible today sets a string of events in motion.

Thursday, Lead – The Emperor: The Emperor is a tricky guy. He looks so in charge! Almost authoritarian and he can be, a smidge. But more than he’d like to admit, he leads courtesy the tacit agreement of his subjects. Edicts would be without teeth if his example didn’t inspire followers. He also shoulders the weight of responsibility because of that, understanding he needs to set an example. Today, act as if you’re being watched. Not paranoid! But work to set a fine example, behaving in a way you’d be proud to have emulated. That’s the leadership that’s required right now: a fine example.

Friday, New Vitality – Ace of Wands: [Recent repeat.] Get your recreation on! A great day for going out, physical activity, date night, writing, crafts, baking, painting, etc. What brings you joy? Do some of that, and it will be like a breath of fresh air for you!

Saturday, Seek the Truth – Seven of Swords: [Recent repeat.] Observe and run all unsubstantiated claims through the Bullshit Meter. Does it make sense? Is it consistent with what you already know? Is there documentation to back it up? If not, withhold judgement, even quietly. All Tarot Sevens suggest personal responsibility, not group or collective endeavors. So make it your job to do your own fact checking today.

Sunday, Open Up – Four of Pentacles: Get ready for the coming week and pin down details. Do what you need to do to feel prepared, secure and ready for important events coming up. This can be as basic as food shopping and meal planning. It can be a little budgeting, or paying a bill. It can be slating out time blocks for what you need to accomplish in the coming days. It can even be laundry! But look to physical preparations today, for things that make you feel prepared and secure to deal with the coming week. You’ll be glad you did.

Overview/Advice, Dedicated Effort – Eight of Pentacles: [Recent repeat.] Work through it as it comes up, baby! This is a pounding-away-at-problems, a bit at a time.

Affirmation: I am a magnet, attracting unto myself. I’m not going to interpret this as “Law of Attraction” as it’s intended. Instead, I am prompted to tell you to focus on your own experience primarily right now.

What’s important to you? What work do you have to do? What contributions do your thoughts, your decisions, your actions have your life, your community and the world at large? I don’t mean to stop caring about other people. Instead, LIVE in your own now, your own life, your own issues, your own contributions.

There is a world of difference between fretting or lecturing about personal or societal problems–which evokes “problem” energy on a personal level as well as adds to the collective problem energy tone–or taking even the most ridiculously humble step towards a solution, which evokes solution energy.  You can say a prayer, light a candle, make a donation, be kind, help one person, give love.

We can feel so helpless in the face of tragedy, of pain, of hardship and think, “My little contribution doesn’t matter.” But every bit of light helps! It helps light your way, and maybe allows someone else to connect with hope when it’s needed. Like the butterfly effect, love ripples in ways you couldn’t possibly predict.

Light Your Match

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Just Fix Yourself: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Dec 7 – 13

“You’re so brave, to have hair that color,” the old woman says to me, stopping me in the grocery store. “It’s bold!”

I smile big and thank her, the same way I always do when somebody calls me “brave” for having pink hair.

As if it wasn’t just hair. As if it would never grow back. As if pink hair color was poison or a dirty look from somebody’s grandpa would knock me over, dead.

“Do you think I could do that?” she asked, a little sheepishly.

“Well of course you could! With your gray, it would take great!”

“I’m seventy. Do you think it’s okay for a seventy-year-old to have pink hair?”

“Well, I’m going to when I’m seventy! I don’t see why not. You’re an adult! You can do what you want!”

A peculiarity of my life is being an outsider. It’s all over my astrology. It doesn’t matter what I do or how hard I try. One way or another, I’m not going to fit in.

So I don’t try.

It took me a while to get adjusted to the idea, but I’m comfortable enough with it now that I can embrace it. I do embrace it! I know how old I am–and it’s old enough to wear my hair however I damn well please.

It’s tremendously freeing, not to worry about what other people think. It can take some effort, sure.

Even more effort is required to stop trying to control what other people think, about you or anything else. But I think it’s the most difficult of all to overcome what YOU think about yourself…that’s why some of the “fixers” can get so far under your skin.

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Weekly Tarot Dec 7 2015

This week’s forecast looks like a description of a transition, potentially clouded by self-perceptions. Because we’re in entirely working in the minor arcana, I expect even the more challenging of these energies to be transient, not long lasting. I get the feeling of being tired, worn out, limping with weak knees but trying to walk up the last hill to get home.

And you know how it is, when you’re pushing to finish something difficult or unpleasant, how you go about it, both physically and psychologically, makes a huge difference in the overall experience?

Yeah. That.

Monday, Find Balance – Two of Pentacles: The message here is pretty self-explanatory. Look for balance, compromise, and dividing attention rationally. Understand you only have so much energy to go around and cannot always run in deficit. Prioritize and decide what’s “must do” and what’s “let go.”

Tuesday, Opportunity Beckons – Four of Cups: If you’re feeling discontented, you can make changes. Look to articulate what you actually want. Disquiet is an invitation to reevaluate. Compare what you are doing with what you’d like to be and then begin steps in the “like to be” direction.

Wednesday, Spread Your Wings – Two of Wands: You see the flow we’re in this week? It’s about identifying and adjusting, over and over. Those little bits of discontent are gifts! The allow you to see the dirt, the messes in your life you’d like to clean up.

Thursday, Healing Begins – Six of Swords: This is the transition we started earlier in the week. Periods of change and growth are without fail difficult. But they are generally worth it. Expect an easing.

Friday, Coming Together – Two of Cups: [Note – We had the same card, for the same day, last week.] And I’m going to give you the same advice I did then: choose love! Choose love, love, love. Twos are choices. Realize, loving and being together, or doing what another wants are very different. Sometimes the most loving thing to do is let go. But whether you hold on or let go, always do it with LOVE.

Saturday, Moving On – Eight of Cups and Sunday, Refusal to See – Two of Swords: Flare up! Growing pains, right here. Letting go and leaving something behind you, are you really looking at the whole picture? It’s like after a breakup, sometimes folks see ONLY the good from what they left, or ONLY the dark parts. Every situation will have some of both, although one may well outweigh the other, sometimes dramatically.  Just be gentle with yourself and let the progress you’ve fought for over the week integrate, okay? Naps are always appropriate!

Overview/Advice, Joy & Stability – Four of Wands: When one’s world feels in flux, certain things are very helpful. Routines are a great support. Surrounding oneself with positive messages and people help. Taking good care of the body and the mind go a long way to regain stability. You know what lifts you up versus what drags you further down. Care for yourself this week by continuing to lift yourself up.

Affirmation: I can change my life by changing my thoughts. I will not attempt to control others’ experiences. Because the two came out together. My thoughts, my life, and my experiences are the point here. Not who agrees or who doesn’t. Obviously, not everything goes all sunshine up just because you reach for a more positive perspective. Some parts of life hurt, some things suck, and there is some struggle inherent in the human condition. But that being said, how you view it can always make it better, easier, less painful, less struggle. And that, my friends, is very much worth the effort.

Also notice how both these thoughts go hand in hand? We own our own life path, not that of anyone else. This is kind of a big issue for me personally, because I’ve spent most of my life surrounded to some extent with people quite determined I’m horribly broken.

And you know? I’m okay with that. I need to be okay with that, with people who see me as broken, because I only own my personal percpetions.

What I’m not okay with is people insisting on “fixing” what they see as broken in me. That mission will get you booted from my world.

Don’t be that guy (or gal), that pushes for the fix for others. It’s not your life, not your right. Just fix yourself.

Do people try to “fix” you?

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Steady at the Wheel: Weekly Tarot Forecast, November 23 – 29, 2015

“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” – Matthew 7:3, King James Bible

This week’s forecast made me think of this video, a chapter from my book on the Ace of Cups. We’d do well to manage our own thoughts and feelings more and worry less about everyone else’s. Keep your eyes on your own road and your hand on the wheel steady, and you’ll do great!


In general, the week does have some punch. Of eight cards drawn, five are Major Arcana which speak to significant transitions. Two of the remaining three are Cups (Water element), suggesting emotion is a prominent factor throughout the week. I have a feeling that feelings will be turned up in general, but Saturday is the only day that looks super dicey in that regard. With the Emperor as the guidance guy, we definitely have the resources for managing so long as we manage ourselves first.

For my folks in the states, Thanksgiving looks great!

Monday, Opportunity Beckons – Four of Cups: This is a nice counter to the interpretation of the Four of Cups as discontent or lack of appreciation. Being grateful for what you have is awesome! Good plan. But living in that state doesn’t preclude reaching for more. Stretching out, or even wanting does not equate with a lack of appreciation. Gratitude and growth are very harmonious energies.

Tuesday, Teach – The Hierophant: Speak your truth, even in the small things. No, not everyone will hear it but those inclined will. The right people will hear. And those who don’t? They aren’t your audience anyway.

Wednesday, Spread Your Wings – Two of Wands: Take a risk! Stretch a little more. Investigate, imagine, and what’s more, take a concrete step along the path to where you want to go. This is very much one step forward without worrying about how the other million steps will go. Just ONE.  Step outside your comfort zone, do something new or different, create a new tradition or set a new standard.

[bctt tweet=”Take 1 step forward & have faith the rest of the path will appear.”]

Thursday, Love Abounds – Ace of Cups: Delightful Thanksgiving card! I find my heart, though, drifting off to those suffering because of who is missing from their table. Fill in the empty space with love and gratitude for all the blessings you have now and have received from missing loved ones. After all, to miss intensely suggests you’ve been given much. And that is worthy of honoring. Make today a celebration of that love in any form you can conjure it, and you cannot go far wrong.

Friday, Manifest – The Magician: You, do. You, do. You are in control. This day is what you make it. Good day for magick, too!

Saturday, Rebuild – The Tower: Well, if that isn’t the softest version of the Tower I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is! I’ll follow this deck’s lead though: treat yourself, others, and everyone else gently but honestly. Many are in difficult transitions at the moment, and there is much pain and disruption in the world. It’s not a day for saying, “I told you so.” It’s a day for saying, “How can I help?” And mean it.

Sunday, Love – The Lovers: Look for the areas of agreement, the harmony and the beauty today. Music is a great choice to enhance the day, so long as your choice is soothing and melodious. The voice, in particular, holds special sway. Make your words kind and beautiful and that will enhance your experiences of kindness and beauty. You draw what you put out.

Overview/Advice, Lead – The Emperor: There is only one reason the Emperor is able to maintain his seat on the throne. He controls himself! The overall vibe of this week is very DIY. You get what you put out there. Your days are as lovely or ugly as you make them.

Affirmation: My thoughts are in harmony with my health. I’m not going all pseudo-Law-of -Attraction-victim-blaming here. But I will say regardless of your physical state, the more harmonious, grateful and positive your mental state, the better your health will be. The more angry, depressed, or generally dark your thoughts, the greater the toll on your health. No, being all roses and sunshine does NOT fix everything, health or otherwise. But you know what? If you can come up with a couple of roses and a little sun breaking through the clouds, it does make it better. It does help! And this counts for health on every level, not just physical.

Are you feeling in control of yourself?

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