Outlook Users: Any Email Issues with Getting Posts?

glob_emailHey folks…one of our folks here has intermittent problems with subscription emails crashing her Outlook program and pretty much locking up her computer. Agggh!

Did anyone else notice a problem with the recent Mother’s Day posts?

I’m trying to figure out what the issue is so I can avoid it. You can contact me with reports at dixie [at] a foolsjourney [dot] com.

Thanks for any info you can offer. 

New: Amazon

  • A BIG THANK YOU to everyone using the link at the bottom of the page to do their Amazon shopping! A percentage of your purchase supports this site and the Everyday Tarot forecast. I appreciate it tremendously.

Here are just some purchases by AFJ readers… (I cannot see who ordered what, by the way).







Cleaning up the Site Mess!

As some of y’all are aware by virtue of being too close to my ranting, my site transition to the new design was a DISASTER! I lost a good weeks solid worth of work, was down for the whole day, missed an Everyday Tarot column (which hardly ever happens) and basically have had to recreate this entire site from information I thankfully had exported from the old version.

As a result, many of the posts don’t have images right now (but will), I lost a comment or two, much of the site doesn’t function properly right now and in general, it’s in a disarray over here.

But I did fix those payment forms first thing, so I can continue a-plugging those Zodiac Tarot Forecasts for the next couple of weeks. Har!

I’m NOT going to stay up all night again working on it. That’s kind of what got in this predicament to begin with. I ignored my very first rule of tech work: never, ever, ever do tech work when you’re tired. ACK!

But hey, it will be lovely when I’m done. Sorry you will be seeing the ugly underbelly while I work on it. It just doesn’t seem chaste or something doing it this way, but I don’t really have a choice. I can’t go back to the old site now, I can’t access it after this fiasco. So it is what it is.

And on the plus side, there will be a Tarot column tomorrow. I guess the Universe knew what was up, when I accidentally published two on the 9th. That was my spare, right there.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Help – Questions for AFJ Readers!

Hey, folks, I could use some feedback if you would be kind enough to help…Please share in the comments or contact me privately if you prefer.

  • Do you like/use the Everyday Tarot forecasts? Would you rather see weekly forecasts with more frequent/varied articles or daily forecasts with occasional articles?
  • For those of you the read on shiny/mobiles/portables: Does the mobile-friendly version help or hinder your experience?
  • Are there special topics you’d like to learn more about? Within the realm of my woo-woo expertise, I’ll see what I can do.
  • How do you feel about the videos? Any special topics you’d like to see covered via video?
  • What about a Live Webcam Workshop on Tarot, developing your intuition or another topic? Freebies only? Or if affordably priced?
  • If you’ve considered getting a reading but have not, what stopped you?
  • Why do you read here?

I’m re-evaluating how I expend my energy and want to make sure I’m offering what is most helpful and what my audience is interested in. Sometimes, y’all are quiet and so I don’t know! So any other feedback on what you’d like to see is welcome.

And thank you for your help and support!

Foolish Friends: Sacred Gardening with the Help of Auntie Moon

I’m excited to plant my new seeds, arriving to console me after the Great Lily Massacre. But I’m trying to give it special care, extra attention, too. I want these plants to be magical–planted at the right times, astrologically. Blessed and tended with intention of spiritual feeding, you know?

I want the sacred garden to become more sacred! I know I don’t need 100 acres or rare, hard-to-find plants that only appear on holy ground or something. Grandiosity isn’t required for spirituality. But intention, focused energy and channeling love makes anything more sacred. I’m always looking to turn up the divine in the everyday.

So I’ve started following Auntie Moon’s Lunar home and Garden. This is a fun and practical little blog by astrologer and all-around-sweetheart, CJ Wright. She shares the astrological timing our ancestors used for planting and doing household tasks like you’d find in an old school almanac, but updated to fit the principles into modern life and backyard (or in my case, patio) gardening.

I was glad to realize my bulb-planting frenzy was timed to thrive, although I’d certainly not figured it out beforehand. Having held off on the seeds waiting to get pots, now that I’ve got them, I’m itching to go. I’m kind of an impulsive gardener.

But a check with Auntie Moon’s weekly post tells me this Thursday is probably the day to shoot for–a rare opportunity with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Cancer. I also like Thursday being associated with Jupiter, so I’m thinking that’s when I’ll make my move.

So for now, I’ve got several pots set out and full of potting soil, ready to go. I’ve been setting my intention each time I go outside, just spending time looking at those pots, appreciating the dirt, the earth itself they’re filled with, and looking forward to the beautiful plants that will grow there and feed my spirit with joy as I appreciate them. I’ve said blessings. I take broken gemstones–those poor souls I’ve dropped and shattered–and place them in the dirt. This gives the stones opportunity to get back to the earth and continue to serve. I like to think it makes them happy.

Since I’ve started this, I’ve noticed a great many butterflies visiting me, each time I go outside. This makes me very happy. I think my Sacred Garden is already more sacred. Don’t you?

Do you garden astrologically?

AFJ Available on Kindles

A Fool's JourneyYou can now get your AFJ fix delivered straight to your Kindle for 99 cents a month, with a 14-day free trial. Unfortunately, blog subscriptions don’t work with the Kindle Fire (I know!) OR Kindle software-only readers for iPhone or other devices. Sorry about that, it’s just not offered from Amazon at this point. Boo!

But if you have an old-school Kindle, you get the content automatically, both Everyday Tarot and all the other posts. So you never miss out. Yay!

Even if you don’t own a Kindle, I’d very much appreciate anyone who is willing to post an honest review of this site on Amazon. I’m not fishing for ego-stroking, honest. I just want to help potential subscribers decide whether or not it’s a good fit. Thanks!

Do you have a Kindle?