12/09/13: Wet and Sharp / Queen of Clouds

Oh man…another rather uncommunicative illustration. Oy. At least it looks sharp in the red spread cloth. This watery/cloudy scene belongs to the Queen of Swords though, so we have some idea the vibe we’re talking about.

And talking we are! The Queen of Swords tends towards emotive as that’s a built-in function of the Queens, but hers is an airy sort of emotion. She may have feelings, but she’s not going to go all broody-silent rolling around in them as the Queen of Cups might. She’s gonna let you know, man! And while logic and rationality are among her strong points, sarcasm and a sharp-tongue can follow frustration.

Your best bet today is limit frustrations, be it for yourself or other people. And if someone gets sharp with you, try to let it slide with the understanding that it’s the water talking, not the air.

If it’s you, catch yourself as soon as you can, and apologize. You may not fully “feel” it, but it’s probably the rational thing to do.

Are you running across sharp words fueled by emotion?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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Video: What’s in a Name?

The words we use matter.

Short version: Sometimes a complete change in perspective is as simple as a change of vocabulary.

Can you think of a time changing the words you use changed your experience?

Weekly Tarot Forecast, 8/19: Chill Pill, Grasshopper!

Uh oh! Sharp and charged weather out there, man.

Short version: Doesn’t look to be an easy week. The air feels charged, crackling with tension and a sense of high stakes. Some of this is probably in your head, by the way. Some, not so much.

To best cope, focus on emotional priorities and don’t let less important issues contribute to a “landslide” effect by seeing them as equal to what most matters to you. This is akin to making a list and focusing on the top items, letting those bottom items slide as need be and WITHOUT GUILT. Remaining rational and mustering up whatever patience you can, restraining from harsh self-criticism, and tackling challenges one at a time make this week do-able.

Are you feeling this? Gosh, I hope not!

07/12/13: Critical Review / Ace Swords Rx


Alrighty. So a reversed Ace of Swords points to an idea, a concept, a plan—but as an Ace, it’s just in fledgling form and since the card is reversed, there is some sort of interference with it’s development

Could be a hole in the logic. Could be factors not under consideration. Could be emotional blocks to implementation. Could be based on inaccurate assumptions or old news. Could just be the thing needs to be better fleshed out to be workable.

This isn’t so surprising to see as we’re still in Mercury retrograde. Nor is it necessarily bad news, either the problems with planning or the retrograde period!

Think of it like a teacher suggesting additional review before handing in a paper. This is an opportunity to improve outcomes though ferreting out weak spots in your reasoning and correcting them. No better time than now!

Do you have some plans that could stand critical review?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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03/09/13: Uncomfortable Idea / rev Ace of Swords


Maybe it’s the moment where you realize, your husband is bothered by how you eat. Or it’s when you know, deep down and truly, your relationship could end. Or maybe it’s when you see for the first time, your child does what you do and not what you say. The potential variations are endless.

Ugh, right?

The Ace of Swords is a powerful, pure idea; it brings the gift of illumination. Reversed, we may have a very uncomfortable illumination, or perhaps an idea you would do well to release. It could be mistaken or irrelevant, but today, I’m thinking it’s an uncomfortable idea. Swords cut—sometimes the cut is painful; sometimes it’s salvation. Sometimes, it’s both in one.

Take in whatever understanding you need, but don’t latch to it too tight, lest you get cuts. The cuts from the Tarot swords are often the result of struggling: fighting with reason, fighting with others, or fighting with ourselves. The Air Element requires a certain degree of detachment to work most effectively. You’ve got to let information freely flow, you know? You cannot become too attached to an idea, an outcome, a single way of viewing the world because it limits you. Holding on, you’re like a tethered balloon. Letting go, the sky is the limit.

Take what’s helpful from any big ideas that come your way today, and release the rest. It’s okay. You’ll get what you need from it that way.

Have uncomfortable ideas cropping up?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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06/27/12: Words to Happy? | rev Sun, rev Knight Swords


Wherever you’re not happy, look to how you think and communicate in that realm. Step back as if an outside party, and listen to yourself think and talk about the topics at hand. In your speech and thoughts, and you’ll find reflections of areas of disharmony, lacking balance. Words can also cast a pall over your joy. Pay attention to how you speak about your life. If you talk a lot of problems you don’t have, speak of fears or have expectations of doom, it’s hard to be happy. Thoughts and words can become second nature, a subconscious part of our script. Rewrite the story to better suit you. Paint a prettier scene.

What impact do you find what you say has on your happiness?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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