05/03/12: Risk-Taking Jumpers | Knight Cups

The police lady gently rapped on the car window. It startled me awake, but she smiled kindly in response to my sleepy confusion.  She probably thought she was waking up a teenager who’d had an ugly fight with her parents, time to go home.

She’d have been partially right. I was a teenager, not getting along with my parents. But at that moment, the car I was  in WAS my home.

I am Knight of Cups, huddled up under a multi-colored crocheted throw made from yarn scraps; I clung to the familiarity of that little blanket, rolling over and over in my mind my life as I’d crocheted it, longing for the sense of certainty and simplicity embedded. I was trying to sleep off another emotional hangover in the tilted-back driver’s seat of my Mustang II.

I don’t remember ever feeling more lost. The sun was peeking above the park’s young trees for a beautiful, golden and pink-saturated daybreak. But even in my fog, I knew it was the perfect metaphor.

I also don’t ever remember feeling more free. A new day was breaking. I had no idea where it would leave me, but I knew my heart was not going to be denied.

“Trust” is the Osho Zen’s Knight of Cups (Air in Water). Knights tend to be impetuous, headstrong and sometimes, overly idealistic. While the Pollyanna in me wants to say that leap of faith pictured is going to lead to something wonderful (and that may be so), the fact is that it absolutely cannot BE a leap of faith unless it’s taken on faith itself—so no reassurances she’ll land on soft terrain.

To love equals risking loss. To fully live requires vulnerability. To get a payoff, you must pony up an investment. We’re talking emotional risk—this is the realm of the Knight of Cups. You cannot know the outcome beforehand. That’s the definition of risk. But you CAN know what it’s like to live what’s in your heart, fully and honestly, if you decide to make it so. This is the Knight’s gift and promise.

Whatever life I have, I live it authentically. For that, I’ve never felt regret. Thank you, Knight of Cups.

Have you had Knight of Cups moments?

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Everyday Tarot, 07/02/11: Slow Down, Nellie! Rev. Knight of Cups

rev-knight-swords-radiant-rwsHow was your Eclipse? Did it get your emotional water flowing? Spend any time alone? I was swamped with stimuli—decidedly emotional, but my Gemini moon thought it out anyway—and am pretty sure it will be a while before it’s all sorted for me. That’s not bad. Just is, you know?

The card today was perfect companion for sorting, with a side advisory note.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Knight of Cups or “Prince of the Chariot of the Waters, associated with Air in Water. Generally for the Knight of Cups, the intellect (Air) supports emotions (Water), but inverted, something may be off balance. Don’t get so drunk you fall off your horse!

Issues that have an emotional punch can easily knock us off balance, you know? That doesn’t mean we’re messing up, or not handling our emotional business reasonably. It means we have feelings—sometimes, strong ones. It takes time to understand them, process and let the dust kicked up settle back down.

Today, go easy on yourself emotionally. Allow information surrounding emotional issues time to sink in, process and settle down. Don’t assume how you feel this minute is how you’re going to be feeling new year, next month or even next week. Just slow down, breathe, and let understanding flow in like the sunrise, lifting over some mountains. All does happen in the right time, even if it doesn’t feel so much like that in the moment.

Did you get some emotional punch for your eclipse?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
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