Don’t Poke Wasp Nests – Weekend Flow Tarot, July 26 – 27

Weekend Tarot July 26 -27

The other day I was sitting on my front porch drinking coffee. Thinking. Contemplating a project I’m working on and someone who has recently disrupted it, adding consider drama into my life. Needless to say, I’m not a fan.

I realized, if I made a particular choice regarding how I handled this project, it would completely infuriate the drama llama in question. There is nothing wrong with option I was considering. No issues morally with it. I just knew this person would go ape-shit furious. The thought was a very pleasant one.

As I’m considering how it might work and chuckling to myself quite pleased, a wasp zooms up literally out of nowhere, smacks me right between the eyes with his buzzy wings, totally freaking me out in the process. I jump up, waving wildly at my face and jump back. I wasn’t stung but it scared me. And the wasp disappears just as fast as he arrived.

Would the amusement factor be a smart reason to stir up a wasps’ nest? Yeah. Not so much. What the Hell, Dixie?

I smile, thank my invisible friends for coaching my better judgment, and focus on drinking my coffee without the side of revenge. Instead, I wander back to thoughts of what I need to do. Just because you can, does not mean you should.

And that story? That sums up this weekend’s forecast.

Saturday, Conscious Desires – Six of Wands reversed: Are you aware of wanting to see somebody lose? Not win an argument yourself, but rooting for someone else to lose? This is a dicey stance, if emotionally understandable. Be wary of it.

Sunday, Resolution – Two of Wands:  Stand up for your values, be willing to go toe-to-toe on what matters to you. The distinction I’m making between this and Six of Wands reversed for yesterday is the difference between being against something, and being FOR something. The resolution is being for something.

Take-home – The Fool Reversed: Do not be naïve or hasty. Don’t be rash. Let facts come out in their own time and act in good faith, with innocence. Let your righteousness be that of pure motive, not of the “self” variety. You know what I mean?

Angel Message, Remember Who You Are – Archangel Michael: "You are a powerful, loving, and creative child of God. You are very loved." Back to our theme, who do you want to be?

When that wasp bitch-slapped me literally between the eyes, he reminded me that making decisions to aggravate someone else is still allowing them to dictate my decisions. He reminded me that a vengeful person is not who I want to be! I am not the Angel of Karma. I try to do good and hurt no one. And even if I have a legitimate right to do whatever I like, if there is a poke at a wasp nest, I cannot claim surprise if it’s followed with a sting.

Besides, it wasn’t who I am, not what I’m about.

Are you sidestepping a wasps’ nest this weekend? Eeek!

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Giving that Little Bit: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 21 – 25

July 21 -25 Weekly Flow Tarot

In the last few months, I’ve started consciously working with moon cycles. One of my very early intentions was to honor and respect my natural cycles. I tend to push myself harder and feel bad for needing to when I am having an ebb, and expect myself to be at constant flow. That is kind of what this forecast reminds me of: honoring one’s natural energy cycles.

The weekly here is showing a very definite ebb and flow to energy. Cycles, ups and downs. This is very helpful to know, as we can work our way around the situation by riding the flows and allowing the ebbs.

Monday, Body – The Emperor: Be in charge of your physical self today, not the other way around. Seeing a Mars-ruled card paired with body, I would expect exercise as a method to burn off any nervous energy is a super idea! Stay in control of what you eat, what you do, how you move. The idea is being master of your physical self and health. If that means naptime, so be it. Just make it a decision, not a default, that’s the whole point. Not how much or how little you push yourself physically. Just that you are making a decision what’s best for your body and then following it.

Tuesday, Relationship – Ace of Cups Rx: Uh oh. That’s an emotional disconnect today. I’m seeing this as being drained, maximum emotional bandwidth already spent. Don’t expect a heart-to-heart to go far today. I’d back off and opt for a little distraction as opposed to trying to hash anything out. Care for your own feelings if they are tender. Allow others to be raw if that’s what they are. Kindness goes a long way…

Wednesday, Mind – 9 of Pentacles: Clear, focused and spot-on today. Maybe the break yesterday helped! A good day to observe and learn from your observation.

Thursday, Health – 8 of Pentacles Rx: Are you neglecting your physical temple? Because this combo says something about the health routine just isn’t working. For me, that “something” that’s not working is most likely to be me. Uh oh!

Friday, Hopes and Fears – Page of Cups Rx: We want love just as we are, but fear we’re unlovable if we’re fully known. It becomes a catch-22. Intimacy requires honesty. I am reading this as worries about how others feel about you, and how much you are actually valued. I don’t know a great cure for that, other than being loving yourself and letting people know how much you value them. That usually helps warm things up.

Weekly Take-home – 6 of Pentacles: I’m thinking of this in terms of investment. Invest in your health by taking care of your physical needs. Invest in your relationships by being kind and letting folks have the space they need. Invest in your mind by feeding it engaging stimuli. Invest in your heart by staying centered in that energy, living from your heart. What you feed, grows. The energy you put out this week is an investment.

I’m hearing that song in my head, Give a Little Bit…it would be an awesome theme song for this week.

Give that little bit!

Angel Message, Clairvoyance -  Archangel Raziel: "I am helping your spiritual sight to awaken fully so you can clearly see Heavenly love." What a lovely message! Squishy-soft-love-and-light as all get out, but a lovely message nonetheless.

In the context of this weekly forecast, keep your eyes open. Extra information may be available visually. If you are working on actual Clairvoyance (or would like to), ask your invisible friends to send you visual images. Then pay attention to anything that seems to “jump out” at you visually, anything that seems larger, brighter or slightly more prominent. It’s subtle and at first, you’re going to question whether or not you are imagining. Also pay attention to images that form in your mind’s eye, as incoming messages often arrive this way. But even if you’re not attuned to the psychic gig, do watch and learn this week. I’m betting there will be a lesson worth paying attention to!

How does this stack up with your week?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras
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Keep the Mirror Handy! Weekly Tarot Flow, July 14 – 18

July 14-18 Tarot Flow

Looking at this mix of Pentacles and Major Arcana, I’m seeing this as a very concrete, physically-oriented week. Think Earth Element! It’s about manifesting, making energy tangible. For Tuesday’s draw, two cards fell out together so I’m reading them together. But basically it looks like a mix of have and have not, who does what for whom.

Monday, Resolution – Chariot: Whatever problem you have come up today is best resolved by going back to your goals. It is easy enough to get sidetracked into arguing or obsessing over the irrelevant. What really counts? Pragmatism and goal-oriented decisions lead the way to problem solving today. Whenever there is a conflict or choice to be made, ask yourself, “What do I hope to accomplish here?” While this card is associated with the sign of Cancer, I’m not going with touchy-feely in terms of suggestions. Go about your business and move indirectly, through the side door, if necessary. Be a leader and stay on task.

Tuesday, Situation – Nine of Pentacles and 6 of Pentacles: You can learn a lot about people’s motivations, character and drives by watching where they put their time and energy. If you want to understand puzzling situations better, study where people spend their extra time, money and energy. Even if that “someone” is you…there’s a light bulb moment to be had in this observation.

Wednesday, Partner – Ace of Pentacles Rx: Uh oh. When I see the Ace of Pentacles inverted paired with partner, I think somebody doesn’t want to put out! Generalizing a bit though, I’m going with partners who are withholding in some way at least a little, be it sex, opinions, help or money. Is it you, and is it conscious? You might want to plan on limited outside support today and counter any tendencies to withhold yourself by making it a point to be supportive of those you care about.

Thursday, Conscious Desires – The Devil, Rx: Speaking of conscious desires, this looks to me like acknowledging a monkey on your back. An addiction, trap or tendency to overindulge has consequences. What are you willing to do to free yourself?

Friday, Question – Five of Pentacles: Do you really lack, is the suffering necessary, or is that just a matter of perspective? Are you desolate, or is there help available? This card paired with “Question” makes me wonder, is what you feel like you’re missing due a state of mind more than circumstance? Because state of mind you can change.

Overview –The Magician: The subjective experience this week is very much within individual control. If you want a pleasant experience, don’t decry frustrations. Talk about contentment instead. If you want something done, take steps to do it. I’m not seeing a lot of control over what other people do, but there is a lot over results nonetheless. It’s a week for keeping a mirror handy.

Affirmation – Spiritual Understanding, Archangel Raziel: "I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths." I was just talking to a friend about a frustration in my personal life, and I told her I believed there was a divine purpose for it. I do. That’s how I’d encourage you to look interpret difficulties this week: as part of a larger picture, even though you may not understand it fully yet. It’s not always easy to do! But if you can see the week’s frustrations are part of a more important picture, and what’s more a picture of yourself and a roadmap for growth and evolution, it’s a lot more palatable. So many things in my own life turned out to be exactly what I needed, although I didn’t know it at the time. I think there’s a lot of that this week. So the more we can ride the train of energy we’ve got and work with it, the further we’ll go.

That’s my theory anywho.

Does this fit with your vibes for the week?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Hot-Blooded: Weekend Flow Tarot, July 12–13

Weekend Flow July 12 -13

Well, I would expect a busy (and potentially hot-headed) weekend when all we’ve got on tap are the Wands. In keeping with the Wands suit (and the fact that today is my 25th wedding anniversary and I’m not especially interested writing long-winded forecasts), I’ll keep this one pointed.

Taken together, I see these cards as suggesting being active to burn off excess energy, focusing on your accomplishments, and accepting whatever you must without getting overly mired in how you think it should be otherwise. There’s a call to faith here that’s unmistakable to me. It will serve you well if you can muster some up while you’re scooting around doing stuff.

The choice is between busy, hot-blooded, or pissed, hot-headed.

Past Life, Saturday – Six of Wands: Looks like we’re feeling good with where we’ve been so far. Expect to feel the payoff of past efforts Saturday and possible kudos from others. Revel!

Future Life, Sunday – Queen of Wands Rx: You don’t make all the rules, and maybe somebody is being stubborn or unfair or just a general ass and it’s impacting your future. Do the best you can with what you’ve got.

Weekend Take-home – Reversed Two of Wands: Some things you have a choice over and some you don’t. Between that reversed Queen of Wands and the reversed Two of Wands, I would really caution you not to get into an unnecessary standoff. Especially if you have no leverage. Flexibility and focusing on what really matters to you wins the day.

Affirmation – Archangel Raphael: “Give your cares and your worries to us angels, and allow us to take your burdens. Even if you’re not big into the Angel scene, you can consider the advice. Hand it over—to God if you’ve got one (or more), the Spirits, your Guides, your dead relatives, the Universe. Whomever your invisible friends are, call ‘em up and let them do their gig. They won’t step in unless it’s dire or you ask. Otherwise, they tend to respect free will.

Hot-blooded or hot-headed? Or none of the above?

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02/06/12: No Way to Compare | Rev 5 Clouds


“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” –Helen Keller

I settled down in the high-back chair, off in the corner surrounded by bookshelves. I was just a little nervous. I hadn’t had a lot of readings, but enough to know I couldn’t be sure what to expect. But he smiled and just radiated kindness. So I sat.

I wasn’t having the best day anyway. At the grand opening of this new age store, looking to unsour my mood. I was disappointed my friend had cancelled, stressed from the unfamiliar drive, and frustrated I didn’t have much to spend on goodies anyway. I’d almost stayed home, but figured it would cheer me up, so I made myself go.

“I’m very new to all this,” I said to my reader, hoping he’d forgive me any reading etiquette lapses.

“Oh no you’re not!” he corrected me. “You’re an old soul.” I immediately assume that’s an over-popular distinction. But I’m just as happy to entertain the notion anyway. Who wants to be a toddler soul?

“But you don’t come down to Earth very often. That’s why people puzzle you! So you look around at these people and all the things they do, and think, ‘Huh? Why would they act like that?’ It confuses you, the silliness you see.”

I laughed out loud. I had to admit, I do that. I felt myself become at ease and listened to the rest he had to say. Finally, he asked if I had any more questions…I asked the thing that had been bothering me, ever since I’d plugged in to the woo-woo world.

“How do I know, if I’m on the right track? With all this seeking stuff?”

“Joy,” he told me. “Joy is the best compass.” It was so simple, and rang so true.

I got up, in a bit of a daze. A couple minutes later  when I got my wits back about me, I thought of grabbing his card. But he was gone! Not a trace anywhere to be seen. I wondered, just for a minute, if he was an angel…I kind of hope he was.

Today’s Tarot is a very interesting rendition of the Five of Swords (Venus in Aquarius), reversed—Comparison, called Five of Clouds in Osho Zen. Funny thing about the Five of Swords—you’re not always sure who’s who. Are you the winner or the loser? And do you like where you are an how you got there?  Who is walking away with a victory?

Comparison is similarly ambiguous—Oak and Bamboo.  One is rigid, one bends. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. The victor would be entirely dependent upon the challenge.

Beware comparing without taking into account the frame of reference. Others are not you—thoughts, goals, and dreams may not be what you’d expect. Everyone has different experiences; each is blessed with individual strengths, perfectly suitable to their individual journey.  Don’t declare one better than the other. Make that determination for your path, sure. But you can’t know what karma they’ve signed on for, why they are where they’re at.

Do what YOU feel good about. That’s how to invest free will. Let others walk their own path.  Remaining true to yourself, you make the most of your own strengths. If you’re an Oak, live as an Oak. And leave the Bamboos in peace, knowing they have a different path than you. They are doing what Bamboos doing, which is right for a Bamboo. A lot of what appears to be weakness turns into a strength as it’s lived.

Respect differences, not as proof on one being superior to another, but as the inevitable offspring of free will and different life paths. My lessons are right for me, yours are right for you, and theirs are right for them. And that’s all we need to know.

What do you think about comparisons?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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