Approval vs. Joy & the Healing Secret Within (Aquarius Full Moon)


Seeking the approval of others hinders my joyousness. If the way you feel depends on anything outside of you, you’re in trouble—but if you depend only upon your connection with your own Inner Being, then everything in your experience falls into alignment.” – Abraham/Hicks

I’ve said it many times: Any time your happiness depends on factors outside yourself, you are in trouble! We want the Magician working here for us here, not the Devil.

That doesn’t mean we must lack emotional connections or interdependencies. It merely means taking responsibility first and foremost for your OWN happiness and well-being. In truth, there is no better way to positively influence others’ happiness and well-being than to take charge and responsibility for your own.

Happy parents help make happy children. Happy wives and/or happy husbands help create happy marriages. Happy bosses make for happier employees.

The most powerful healing comes from within—fueled by a deep acceptance of who you really are inside. The really cool thing about self-healing is that in the process, your example, your energy, your joyful vibration lifts and helps heal OTHER PEOPLE. Like ripples in the water, that energy expands whomever it touches.

Some will approve of you, and some will not. That’s SO not about you (or me). But if you maintain the righteous freedom of being who you truly are in every way possible, full of love and acceptance for who THAT person is, a truly life-affirming and healing energy that opens up as a direct result.

Make no mistake: Living as true to yourself as possible, seeking your own joy instead of approval, will definitely make some people disapprove! But you know what? That is their right, their path to walk, their confusion to clear. Don’t own that. Own YOU.

This message brought to you by the Full Moon in Aquarius, 8:45pm CST.

You feeling the drive to live more true?

Ask and It is Given Cards

08/19/13: Imagination, to Empower or Imprison? / The Star

the-star-tarot-meaning-imaginationSo…y’all probably know by now, the Star is associated with Aquarius and often is read as “hope and dreams.” It’s generally an optimistic card. But I’m not seeing it as so flatly clear cut right now. It feels more like…electrical charge. Electricity can light up your world or fry your nerves, you know?

Think of this in terms of an intellectual understanding. Aquarius is an air sign and the intellect is tantamount for Air energy. There is a kind of detachment, a sense of the far-away with the Star. Gazing upon the stars makes one feel both part of the infinite and insignificant at the same time. What overrides, though, is the sense of being a part of something bigger. One foot on the land, one foot in the water, the woman of the Star is naked—without pretense or illusion, working both in the material world and outside the material world. The water is the universal, the subconscious, the bigger world. The land is the material world. She pours her energy upon both.

The Star can harness the power of imagination. While children’s programs hail the magical power of imagination as all good, adults know it can go both ways. Imagination can empower OR imprison!

Here’s the thing: you get to direct the imagination with your thought process. You decide, if you conjure up creative disasters to fearfully avoid, or creative options to save the day. The power is up. Choose which switch to flip.

Are you feeling charged up?

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08/05/13: Charged Up Potential / Star


In the Zodiac Tarot, sign associations are characterized by place. The Aquarian connection for the Star is aptly shown by a scene from the city. Both the electric, expansive energy and a sense of hope mixed with detachment are economically communicated through this metaphor.

Second only to the Fool, I think of the Star as a card of potentials unrealized. They are generally optimistic potentials, hopeful potentials for sure, but not promises. Wishing upon a Tarot Star doesn’t promise the fulfillment of a wish, only the possibility. It is, however, a powerful force. The star is electrical energy. Electricity can light up the world or burn it up. The helpfulness or harmfulness of electricity lies solely in how it’s  applied.

That’s what you have on hand today—electrical energy! Will it become a spark of brilliance that offers freedom, or a stinging burn of unfeeling words that cuts off connections? This is your choice. Just know that words are especially charged.

Are you feeling a charge?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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03/25/13: Dreaming Bigger than Life / Star

An absolutely lovely rendition of the Star! If she seems familiar, that’s because it hasn’t been all that long ago she has graced

She gives us a very useful guide for tapping in to that hopeful Star energy. Detach, rise above the day-to-day concerns and plug in to all-that-is, the universal consciousness. Be quiet, still your mind and allow yourself to no longer be bound by what you want or don’t want, time, space or traditionally acceptable possibilities.

The Star is a very big, dreamy energy. It’s not a promise, and it’s not outcome-oriented, but it always suggests a hopeful potential. This version is no exception. Her head blends right into the limitless sky, the moon serving as her third eye. There are no boundaries on these dreams, you know?

I find it very interesting those Stars from the sky are beautifully reflected in the water below. You see that? Some of the little Stars—potentials born in the Heavens—will manifest below, in the down-to-earth on-the-ground version of the real world. Maybe not all of them, but that’s fine. Don’t limit yourself by drawing a box around what you can become before the fact.

Here, you want to get quiet and let it come. Dream a little! But don’t feel compelled to define, what you can and cannot do. Get quiet, release your worries, and let the Universe start filling in the blanks for you. That silence creates an empty space, a blank spot which the Universe fills up for you.

What does silence bring to your life?

02/21/13: Seeing into the Silence / The Star


Silence is a unique interpretation of The Star. Appropriate for the card’s Aquarius association, this imagery suggests detaching from our day-to-day to tap into a more universal awareness. By becoming quiet, by detaching from ordinary thoughts and daily concerns, you can experience a connection to the singular thread that runs through all.

I’m far from an accomplished meditator, I’ll be the first to admit! But I’ve discovered these little pockets of awareness crop up when meditating of the sort I do. There are just these blips, where words are all gone, and distinctions are all gone, and worries are all gone. Everything melts away. It’s as if, just for that little bit, I feel the entire universe as a living, breathing entity and myself as a particle within that breath. In my mind, it’s a personal experience of what God is, Universal oneness.

I also believe this is the same universal data stream one taps into when doing (good) readings. The invisible network that connects us all is like the psychic data line. That’s why distance doesn’t matter. We’re all subscribed to the same stream.

It’s interesting that a woman is pictured on this card, with the moon shining from her 3rd eye. It’s a very Yin interpretation, reminding me of the High Priestess. This isn’t a “go out and get it” vibe. It’s an “open yourself up” vibe. What shows up may well be a lot different than what you would have created on your own. But this is a broader, bigger perspective than you would have come up with on your own, too.

The Star is always an optimistic card, and always forward looking, to a longer-range, bigger picture. Right now, it’s telling me those day-to-day tussles, the stressors and worries that demand so much of my energy do NOT truly matter. It tells me everything IS already as it should be. It tells me not to fight the flow, but to remain open-minded and flexible in order to stay in the flow. Today’s tragedy may be tomorrow’s blessing.

To access this energy, let go! Meditate, play, sleep, work on your favorite hobby—just do whatever it is you do to get yourself away from the tyranny of your thoughts. What you need is accessible, but you cannot grasp for it. Instead, get quiet and open your mind. The future is waiting in the silence.

What do you see in the silence?

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01/09/13: Whatever road you take… | 7 Cups & Star

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” Jean de La Fontaine


The Seven of Cups is associated with Venus in Scorpio—it shows us the underbelly (Scorpio) of our desire (Venus). But true to the Star’s egalitarian brand of hope for the future, in the end? It doesn’t matter so much which cup you choose. The lessons you have to learn, they’ll be the same in the long run.

Some may go down easier or harder based on your choices, so know that. The better you know your own shadow side, your own weakness and peccadillos and issues, the easier it is to avoid pain in your choices.

But the bigger lessons? They’ll keep coming back until you’ve got it down, man.

Whatever road you take will lead you to the future!

What do you see here?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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