Foolish Friends: Josi and the Newlyweds

shock-therapyMy pal Josi just “came out” offering astrology and Tarot services.¬† She is an absolute sweetheart and one of those folks who is gifted with a natural connection extraordinare, so I’m especially thrilled to see she’s joined the ranks of professional readers. Be sure to check out her awesome blog where she serves up an uncompromisingly honest, sometimes raw look at life through the woo-woo lens. Great stuff!

And many of you know my astrologer friends, oh-so-sweet Aliza Moonpluto and the sharp-witted and incorrigible Matthew Currie, right? Aliza runs a number of classes on Facebook so look her up there, and Matthew has a new gig at Beliefnet.

And well…if you hadn’t heard the news, those two just got MARRIED! If you would like to wish them well on their blessed union, check out the wedding registry at Indigogo. (I swiped y’all’s pic from there, hope you don’t mind!)

So I guess this is the “Foolish Friends, ¬†Congratulatory Edition.” Ha!

Congrats, you guys! And thanks for all you do.

Foolish Friends: Sacred Gardening with the Help of Auntie Moon

I’m excited to plant my new seeds, arriving to console me after the Great Lily Massacre. But I’m trying to give it special care, extra attention, too. I want these plants to be magical–planted at the right times, astrologically. Blessed and tended with intention of spiritual feeding, you know?

I want the sacred garden to become more sacred! I know I don’t need 100 acres or rare, hard-to-find plants that only appear on holy ground or something. Grandiosity isn’t required for spirituality. But intention, focused energy and channeling love makes anything more sacred. I’m always looking to turn up the divine in the everyday.

So I’ve started following Auntie Moon’s Lunar home and Garden. This is a fun and practical little blog by astrologer and all-around-sweetheart, CJ Wright. She shares the astrological timing our ancestors used for planting and doing household tasks like you’d find in an old school almanac, but updated to fit the principles into modern life and backyard (or in my case, patio) gardening.

I was glad to realize my bulb-planting frenzy was timed to thrive, although I’d certainly not figured it out beforehand. Having held off on the seeds waiting to get pots, now that I’ve got them, I’m itching to go. I’m kind of an impulsive gardener.

But a check with Auntie Moon’s weekly post tells me this Thursday is probably the day to shoot for–a rare opportunity with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Cancer. I also like Thursday being associated with Jupiter, so I’m thinking that’s when I’ll make my move.

So for now, I’ve got several pots set out and full of potting soil, ready to go. I’ve been setting my intention each time I go outside, just spending time looking at those pots, appreciating the dirt, the earth itself they’re filled with, and looking forward to the beautiful plants that will grow there and feed my spirit with joy as I appreciate them. I’ve said blessings. I take broken gemstones–those poor souls I’ve dropped and shattered–and place them in the dirt. This gives the stones opportunity to get back to the earth and continue to serve. I like to think it makes them happy.

Since I’ve started this, I’ve noticed a great many butterflies visiting me, each time I go outside. This makes me very happy. I think my Sacred Garden is already more sacred. Don’t you?

Do you garden astrologically?

Foolish Friends: Jenn Hillman features Everyday Tarot

My friend Jenn Hillman featured that Everyday Tarot on the Five of Cups on JennHillmanReflections, tying in the energy I wrote about with that blessed/cursed Grand Cross we’ve got going.

Thank you, Jenn, for helping pull it together. Jenn’s quite poetic, and her designs are always pretty. So go give her a gander if you’re so inclined.

Happy traveling!

Foolish Friends: Other Tarot and Astrology Blogs

Some of our friends are busy working the woo-woo and doing a fine job of it, I might add. Thought I’d share a few of their new Astrology and Tarot blogs with y’all. You can even tell ’em Dixie sent you, and they won’t run (I don’t think, anyway).

Lupa's Jupiter Shines BlogJupiter Shines Tarot (and Astrology)

My pal Lupa has set up shop over at Jupiter Shines. She’s writing, talking, and communing with the cards, of course. She sometimes offers complimentary, 1-card readings on her site. This lady has Scorpio, and can pack a punch even in a single-card draw. So check her out–and really, how can you not love a woman who dyes poodles pink?!?


Moon Pluto's Astrology BlogMoonPluto’s Astro Help for the Emotionally Intense

Some of y’all may know MoonPluto for her work on–she’s got MoonPluto Astrology now and is writing like a woman possessed (in addition to finally offering consults). Since she’s got the Virgo,¬† she communicates, man! She also loves to chat, so head over for some astro-insight and great conversation. Go, MoonPluto!


MarlyK's Tarot and Astrology BlogMarlyK’s Moon Street Tarot and Astrology

MarlyK is another one who marries Tarot with astrology, because, well, they go together! She’s just getting started over at Moon Street Tarot and Astrology, but is putting out some good stuff already. It’s a thought-providing read, and she offers both Astrology and Tarot consults as well. Best of luck to you, Marly!