Knight of Wands Rx: Impulse Control & Stability

The last few years, I’ve changed how I interact with the world at large, and a lot. While I do still follow the news, I don’t discuss it with anyone other than my husband. I am also much less emotionally vested in what goes on around me–and even less vested in deciding who is right or wrong, good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate.

To some, such a stance is nothing short of abdicating responsibility to right the wrongs of the world. But to me? Maintaining my personal balance and perspective is the only way I have anything meaningful to offer anyone.

I am not any less caring now than I was before. I am just a whole lot more centered.

The coming week, I’m suggesting you prioritize maintaining your own center and personal balance.

Next Week in Tarot

We have the Prince of Wands reversed (aka the Knight of Wands) for our weekly outlook, followed up by Justice as advice from the Tarot Illuminati deck.

The Knight of Wands is passionate, loyal and intense. But reversed, he’s especially prone to hard-headedness, impulsivity and jumping to conclusions.

In other words, I’m expecting a week of people having rather marked and emotional responses to what’s going on around them, generally without fully understanding what’s going on around them.  If you watch the news or have internet access, you already know what I’m talking about on a global scale. I also expect this on a personal level. So not anything super new here, but it will likely be even louder right now.

Justice coming in as advice is straightforward enough: slow down. Breathe. Get clear. Find your center and maintain your balance. Independent thought and full consideration of the facts are in order.

Weigh out decisions logically, giving a full hearing to all with relevant information, whether or not you are warm and fuzzy about the source of the ideas. Libra (who rules the Justice card) demands fairness. She doesn’t make declarations based on whom she likes best. Ideas must be judged according to their own merits, independent of source.

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We’ve got an eclipse on and there’s plenty of raw and intense emotion to go along with it. You can manage this if you are conscious about it. Breathe deeply, and make a point to regularly replenish yourself as needed so you remain solid and clear. This is more helpful to others than most people realize because an example is much, much louder than anything else you can do. A sense of stability is just as available as it ever was. But like always, it’s an inside job.

Are you feeling stable?

If you need a little help, give me a holler for a private session to sort it out. And take care of yourselves out there!


Temperance: From Micro to Macro

People everywhere seem confused, frustrated, unsure. Not knowing who or what to believe. On so many issues!

Feeling so much about what they see as being so important, while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed taking it in–let alone knowing what positions or actions or considerations to support. It feels big but who knows how to fix it or even make it a little bit better? Sometimes people think they do, but of course, the rest of the world just won’t get on board.


But, to me that’s missing the point.

There’s no need.

You don’t have to decide what’s best for everyone.

You don’t have to divine fact from fiction in all the places about all the issues.

You don’t have to make disciples or sway adversaries or force others to fall in line to make a difference.

All you’ve got to do is stay tuned in, centered within you. In the moment. In your own skin. In your own head. In your own energy field. Be plugged in and ready to recieve inspiration about those things you care about.

That’s all you can really do, truth be told. But isn’t it a relief to consider it that way?

And if you do that, you plug into the power you really have–the eternal, immortal, soul piece of you, the true you. That’s the power that can change worlds, anyway.

The angry rants on Facebook, not so much. Everything else is just so much static.

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Somewhere along the way, we’ve gotten the collective impression to be a decent human being, we must “work hard to solve problems” and “be sure bad things never happen again.” Of course it’s overwhelming and distressing to look at the world that way because we cannot control all the others.

It’s never been our job to control all the others, anyway.

All roads lead home. Always, always, always.

This week, we’ve got “Balance” from this non-traditional deck, aka Temperance. While I am not sure how I feel about this illustration personally, the point is the point is the point and it’s point I get.

Look to stand steady and centered in yourself and yourself alone. When you achieve personal balance with regularity, it becomes a habit. And that, in turn, vibrates out to all that connect with you, which in turn vibrates out to all that connect with those who have connected with you.

Remember that old shampoo commercial? I told two friends, who told two friends, etc.? That’s how it works. We try to swoop down from the macro level to control what happens on the micro level. It’s exactly the opposite. Manage yourself–the micro–and let the impact ripple out in the macro.

A centered, balanced person is a powerful person. An influential person. A person who makes a difference.

I think of life in this regard as being like a fractal. The tiniest patterns in the smallest part of the fractal get repeated outward over and over again, replicating and rippling out unto infinity. So being one of the tiniest parts of the fractal, I’m consciously setting up what I want to replicate out into the bigger Universe. And it feels good.

I know some of you think I’m nuts and I am fine with that. I’d just quietly suggest you give it a try and see what I’m talking about.

At the very least? You’ll feel a lot better!

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